What is NintendoFigures.WordPress.com?

Welcome to a brand new site focused entirely on Nintendo Figures!  There are tons of websites about Nintendo video games and even on Amiibos, but very few that focus just on collecting Nintendo figures which is a hobby that is becoming more and more popular right now.

Since there are many news sites out there and I cannot update this site quickly enough to keep up with all the news, instead, Nintendo Figures will focus on reviewing products, highlighting ways to display Nintendo Figures, and also being a place for myself to blog about collecting.  I plan on doing posts about issues that I face collecting (and think other collectors will find interesting or useful) and may even do some “Hauls” or “Unboxing” posts as well.

I hope that collectors and anyone with a fondness for Nintendo will enjoy visiting the site and interact with myself and other collectors as well.  It is not easy to find places on the internet where we can form a community and I hope that this site can become one of sorts.

With that mission in mind, bear with me as I polish and fill out the website.  My Photoshop and banner making skills so far have proven to be lacking, but the design of the website is coming along.  I will try my best to keep improving it over time and if you have any experience with Photoshop or would like to help make a banner, please contact me!



  1. hey I’d like to know if you’d sponser my stop motion tv show. its like robot chicken but the main charectors are the figures you have reviewed !! i believe my show can bring fans to your very informative website and I could benifit in the same respect.. Please contact me on twitter @BlackYoshiBro or youtube.com/dakingith.. Idk how active you are but im not spam.. Fish can walk talk and eat pizza.. spam would never say that lol

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    • Hi Jordan,

      That is very flattering that you would like to promote my site and I checked out your videos and enjoyed what I saw. I do not currently promote other sites but if I do in the future, I will let you know. Keep up the great work and I’ll be keeping an eye on your Youtube channel.


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