World of Nintendo Micro Land Releases and Rarity Guide

Updated May 12, 2016

Whether you’re an avid collector trying to figure out if you’re missing any releases for Micro Land or someone brand new and want to know what is out there, this guide will help.  Since I live in the United States, that is the focus, but if you live somewhere else and it is different, please let us know in the comments.  Also, if you have suggestions for edits to this guide, that is also much appreciated.  I will update this guide as things change.

Wave 1 – Wave 1 is impossible to find in retail with the now rare exception of Deluxe Playsets and sellers on third party sites like Amazon and Ebay are taking full advantage by selling almost everything from Wave 1 over the retail price.  The rarer figure sets are extremely difficult to find new-in-box and scalpers are trying to get people to pay nearly $100 for what was a $6 figure pack at release.  Please do not give in and spend this kind of money no matter how much you want Bowser.

Figure Packs – Mario / Luigi / Goomba – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Squirrel Mario / Koopa Troopa / Nabbit – Rare *Out of Print*

Fire Mario / Bowser Jr. / Bullet Bill – Rare *Out of Print*

Squirrel Luigi / Squirrel Toad / Bob-omb – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Yoshi / Princess Peach / Bob-omb – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Bowser / Koopa Troopa / Toad – Rare *Out of Print*

Micro Land Figures

Playsets – Acorn Plains Deluxe Playset – Rare *Out of Print*

Acorn Plains Playset with Mario – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Acorn Plains Playset with Squirrel Mario – Rare *Out of Print*

Layer Cake Desert Deluxe Playset – Common *Out of Print*

Layer Cake Desert Playset with Luigi – Common *Out of Print*

Layer Cake Desert Playset with Yoshi – Common *Out of Print*

Micro Land Deluxe Playset

Wave 2 – Since last update of this guide, Wave 2 playsets and figures have both disappeared from retail.  The playsets are now very expensive due to scalping, but thankfully figure packs are holding steady in price online.  Scalpers are selling playsets from $25-40 each and I believe these prices will continue to rise over time.  The rarer figure packs are likely to go up in price over time too, because the Larry Koopa pack has always been hard to find.

Figure Packs – Fire Luigi / Dry Bones / Boo – Common *Out of Print*

Red Toad, Lakitu, Sumo Bro. – Common *Out of Print*

Larry Koopa / Penguin Luigi / Koopa Troopa – Rare *Out of Print*

Propellor Mario / Magikoopa / Buzzy Beetle – Common *Out of Print*

Morton Koopa / Penguin Mario / Cheep Cheep – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Ice Mario / Boom-Boom / Hammer Bro – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Mario Micro Land Figures - Wave Two

Playsets – Sparkling Waters with Ice Mario – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Sparkling Waters with Red Toad – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Frosted Glacier with Penguin Mario – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Frosted Glacier with Penguin Mario – Uncommon *Out of Print*

Mario Micro Land Playsets - Wave Two

Wave 3 – Wind Waker Playsets are still available at retail, though all of the stores near me now have it on clearance and it will probably disappear from shelves soon.  In fact, these playsets are likely to be one of the least desirable sets for collectors because they have turned out to be “peg warmers” (meaning they sat around on store shelves for months because nobody wanted to buy them).  Once they sell through, these playsets will start to become hard to find.  The Deluxe Playsets are also warming many shelves and while initially rare, they were either overproduced or people lost their enthusiasm for the line by the time the playsets were finally well-stocked.  The New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gold figures have been widely available at retail and are relatively common, but they too are just about gone from all retailers.

Figure Packs – Bullet Bill / Koopa Troopa / Cheep Cheep – Common

Lakitu / Boo / Hammer Bro – Common

Mario / Super Mushroom / Goomba – Common

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Figure Packs

Playsets – Island Village with Link – Common

Wind Waker Link Outset Island Micro Land Playset

Ocean with Tetra – Common

Wind Waker Open Ocean Playset Box

Hyrule Castle with Gannondorf – Common

Zelda Micro Land

Deluxe Playsets – Outset Island – Common

King of Red Lions – Common

Wave 4 – The Wave 4 figures were relatively easy to find in retail once they finally came out.  I haven’t seen them in stores for quite some time, but it looks like the scalpers have not be able to jack up the prices so there either isn’t a lot of demand or the supply is still good.  Of the three, the Tetra, King of Hyrule, and Ganon pack seems to be a little rarer than the other two as discussed in my review.

Figure Packs – Link, Makar, Bokoblin – Common

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Bokoblin Makar Link Figure Pack

Grandma, Aryll, and Link – Common

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Bokoblin Aryll Grandma Link Figure Pack

Tetra, King of Hyrule, and Ganon – Uncommon

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land King of Hyrule Tetra Ganon Figure Pack

Is This The End? – There have always been rumors of more Micro Land releases, perhaps the most tantalizing being Super Mario 3D World figures and playsets, but with the commercial failure of the Wind Waker playsets, I now believe that Micro Land is unfortunately over.  Jakks Pacific promised a new re-release of Wave 1 figures in blind bags/boxes several months ago, but that has not surfaced either and they have already ended their unsuccessful 6″ inch figure line.  If any new releases do finally surface, you can bet I will cover them here on, but sadly, it looks like this toy line which had enormous potential will never reach it.



  1. Hello…I have been trying to scour the net for info as to the next release of micro land sets and figures for spring 2016. I was wondering if you had heard anything or could point me in the right direction as I only seem to find stuff on the plush, 2.5″, and 4″ figure lines….Thanks your site is a great reference guide!!


  2. Hey Luke, thank you for visiting the site and for your kind words as well! This is a great question and the short answer is that almost nothing is known about what is coming out in Micro Land next or when it will be coming out. It is a little frustrating because it seems like the 2.5″ and 4″ lines are getting a lot more attention from Jakks Pacific and Micro Land releases have really slowed down lately. I’m not sure why that is.

    One rumor that started about a month ago is that the next Micro Land release will be blind bags which seem to be getting more and more popular. The news came out of a French Toy Distributor so it is hard to know if this will actually happen or not. The actual figures sound like re-releases of early Micro Land figures which would make many collectors happy. Unfortunately, that is the only news on the next release that I have heard and I didn’t post it on the site, because it seems like a potentially unreliable source and there were no pictures of the figures or blind bags. If I hear or see anything that is credible then I will definitely post it. I really hope we get some news soon because Micro Land needs some new releases.


  3. I have found a link that shows a possible pre order for the january 2016 release. I’m not totally sure if this is correct but i havent seen those pics before. I found out this info intially on a world of nintendo forum and copy and pasted into google and that popped up. I also just fouynd this link for a pre order too…but no pics on this one. Let me know if this can be confirmed thanks!


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