Upcoming Plans for NintendoFigures.com

Since this is a busy time and many things on the website have been going on in the background, I wanted to update everyone on what will be happening in the near future.  First off, I teach in college so when school is in session I’m way busier than I am over the summer and I’ve been back at work both this week and last week.  That might slow how often I update the site a bit, but I’m going to try to keep updating at least 2-3 times a week during the semester.

In addition to that, I’ve been working on a way to take better pictures of figures, especially MIcro Land figures.  As part of this site, I want to take pictures of the figures and show how cool many of Nintendo’s figures are.  It is taking time to get my setup and photography abilities up to par, but I will start posting more pictures that I’ve taken in the near future.  Once I can take better pictures, I plan to do a series of articles on Micro Land displays. I also hope that one day the displays section will have pictures from many of you who visit the site and want to show off your collection and creativity.  I will talk more about this and launch that part of the website soon.

Micro Land Deluxe Playset

Ultimately, there is a lot of interest in the Nintendo Micro Land articles and those have been sparse lately.  Once I can take pictures, I have a large number of reviews and other articles planned.  So the content is coming and I greatly appreciate your patience.  September should be an exciting month for Nintendofigures.com and I appreciate everyone who checks out this site!


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