The Challenges of Collecting World of Nintendo Micro Land

I have been thinking about writing an article of this nature for a while and in the few places that actually cover Micro Land (or even just World of Nintendo figures), I have seen people expressing frustration about trying to collect this series from Jakks Pacific.  I have a few challenges myself that I want to share even though I am enjoying collecting them so far and will continue to do so in the future, I want new collectors to know what issues they might run into before they jump into this fun hobby.

Challenge 1: Old Waves are almost impossible to find – I got into Micro Land late and so I suppose to a certain extent, this is my fault, but getting Wave One Micro Land figures at retail price is impossible near me.  If stores have Micro Land, they have very few of the small figures and usually it is only something relatively new.  To make matters worse, the prices that online toy stores and scalpers are charging are outrageous.  With the exception of the Peach, Yoshi, and Bob-omb pack, all Wave One figure packs are about 5 or 6 times their retail price.  So instead of $5-$6, they are $30!  The worst offender by far is the Bowser pack which I’ve seen for $60 when it is actually sold online.  The best way around this would be to look for these figures opened, but Jakks Pacific would surely be able to make some money by reprinting Wave One at some point for all the collectors who want Bowser in Micro form.

Micro Land Bowser Figure

Challenge 2: Not Enough Stores Carry Micro Land First off, getting Micro Land online tends to be very overpriced.  Amazon and Ebay are full of scalpers and online toy stores are not any better except for when a product first comes out.  Of course, you have to pay for shipping as well.  Toys R Us is generally the best place to look for Micro Land products, but not all Toys R Us stock these well.  The closest location to me has a lousy selection and they don’t carry any of the figure 3-packs.  Another location that is 40 minutes away has a pretty good selection of everything Microland except for Wave One.  Outside of Toys R Us, some grocery stores like Wal-Mart carry Micro Land, but it depends on each one.  I recently was able to find a lot of figures (but no playsets) at a local grocery store chain called Meijer.  I was thrilled to get some new figures for a reasonable price, but I still felt like this should not be this hard to know who is going to carry Micro Land and if they will actually have anything decent.  I’m lucky to live in the Midwestern part of the United States where it is not as hard to find Amiibo or Micro Land like it is in Southern California, New York City, or even just rural areas and yet, I still feel like I’m jumping through a lot of hoops to buy what I want at a normal price.

Challenge 3: Lack of News on Micro Land – Not only are there few sites focused on Micro Land (which is one of the reasons why I started this site), but getting any kind of news about when new waves are coming out is incredibly difficult.  I’ve found that the best location to find any news is by visiting online toy stores like which lists upcoming products you can pre-order.  The dates get changed and sometimes there are decent pictures of the new product and sometimes not, but at least it is something.  Jakks Pacific can and should alleviate this problem by letting fans know what is coming out and when.  Even if there isn’t a hard street date, it would still be a huge help.

Jakks Pacific Logo

These challenges are much different than Amiibo, but are no less frustrating.  Hopefully by getting these challenges out there, it will help old and new collectors.  Jakks Pacific may take notice if enough people talk about it as well.  What challenges or frustrations do you have with Micro Land?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below!



  1. I have had an order with Toywiz for the Gold Micro Land Mario Figures and the Wind Waker deluxe sets since February – they stated: ‘will ship in April…’. Every month the projected delivery auto changes to the next month at month end.

    I called Toywiz, they said that the item would be coming, they didn’t know when, but definitely X month(X being the next month after the one I’m calling during). I called Jakk’s directly and they were unable to provide any dates when items will be released due to manufacturer problems.

    Recently I called Toywiz again and they are now telling me that the series 3 and 4 figures were cancelled for them by Jakk’s basically due to contract issues and they would try to order the items from their ‘other suppliers’ but still could not guarantee my order.

    What really makes me mad is I am missing when products become available at other sources for the same or better prices because I have these pre-orders Paypaled so I think I am all good. The nearest TRU is 50 mi. away and half the time I call the staff have no idea what I am talking about.

    Concrete dates for upcoming products are definitely needed, as well as re-prints of older sets. I had the Nabbit figure pack in my cart on TRU for retail but figured I would wait until after Christmas because it felt selfish to buy something for myself – wrong ~ $40-50/set.

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    • Adam,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and while it sucks that we have some of the same frustrations with Micro Land, it certainly makes me feel better knowing that others feel the same way.

      As far as Toywiz goes, your experiences are surprising and disappointing. I had similar luck with Entertainment Earth when it came to preordering Amiibos, but while they did not make me wait as long as they have with you, it seems that they are not a reliable source at all. Other than them revealing pictures of new MIcro Land figures, I will not promote them on this site because they seem to be “legitimate” scalpers. The way they have “raised” or set the prices on older figures is ridiculous and I’ve seen people selling their Micro Land figures and playsets for the same price on Amazon and Ebay. Who started that first, I don’t know, but it hurts us fans and collectors and I can’t support those kind of practices.

      Toys R Us and Meijer are somewhat reliable for me, but I’m already missing rarer figures from recent waves because they either got none in or someone bought the rarest ones before me. It doesn’t help that we have no idea when anything is released or when it will actually hit store shelves. With the scalping online, this only makes it worse. Jakks Pacific can and should fix this problem by re-releasing figures, but they’ve yet to do in at least a year of making World of Nintendo figures so I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up at this point.

      I hope we both have better luck with Micro Land in the future and thank you again for sharing your thoughts on MIcro Land!



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