New Features I’d Like To See in Micro Land

As I review Micro Land figures and playsets and I can’t help but think of things that I would love to see added to the Mario and Zelda lines so I thought I would share some of my best ideas with you.  I’m going to try and ask for things that I think (and hope) are realistic and I will also avoid saying I want specific games like Super Mario Bros. 3 (or Metroid or Kirby for that matter) to come to Micro Land as well.

Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Mario Bros. 2 

Power-Up “Figures” – This one is perhaps a bit of a no-brainer and something I have asked for in previous reviews, but I still think it would be a great idea going forward.  The Mario series needs actual Power-Ups instead of the little cardboard pieces that Jakks started with.  The Golden Mushroom in Series 1-3 is proof that they can make them and I hope when we get more Mario playsets, that they actually come with a Power-Up, because it looks nicer and improves the quality of the product.

Environmental Hazards – One thing that is sorely missing and would be easy to make are tiles to represent gaps between platforms that are common in Mario games.  Not only would they be simple to make (even a black painted tile would work well), but Jakks Pacific could even make some platform tiles too that use a clear plastic stand like with the Block tile.  This not only would appeal to kids playing with Micro Land but could help collectors make more realistic levels.

Super Mario 3D World
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3D Tiles – This is pure speculation on my part, but with Toywiz having preorders (and then removing them later on) for Super Mario 3D World Micro Land Figures, surely one of the 3D Mario games will come to Micro Land and then we can have tiles that are more focused on creating a 3D level.  This will be great for collectors because a 3 x 3, 4 x 4, or 5 x 5 design would be much easier to display and could make for some cool looking levels as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

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Something To Actually Put in the Treasure Chests – Much like the Power-Ups, Jakks Pacific should make figures of rupees, the compass, the map, and other famous Zelda items that can fit into the treasure chest.  This would not only be perfect from a toy standpoint, but would also make the play mechanic on several tiles in Wind Waker much more useful and interesting.

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More Enemies and Side Characters – While we should be getting some more Wind Waker figures soon, not only are 3 of the 9 figures repeats, but they only cover a few of the characters that make Wind Waker great.  How cool would a Goron figure be?  Or if Jakks really wants to get crazy, I bet Zelda fans would buy someone like Tingle as well.  While there is loads of potential for the side characters, the enemies are really lacking in the Wind Waker releases.  Ganon and Bokoblin isn’t going to cut it and there are so many more enemies it would be great to see.  While it is true that the tiles in Wind Waker are mostly Outset Island and the sea, it just feels like that part of the game is neglected which is a shame.

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More Island Tiles – Of all of my ideas, this is probably the least realistic thing I want to see added to Micro Land, but since Wind Waker was based on islands and there were a number of small ones in the game, why not represent a few of those?  There could be one to represent a Temple or there could be ones where enemies can be displayed.  This would expand the possibilities of Wind Waker even further and address one of its biggest weaknesses.  There is no doubt that the Mario tiles are much better for kids to actually play with and this would be one way for Zelda to become more fun for Jakks’ primary audience.

These are just a few of what I would like to see added to the existing releases in Micro Land.  I believe there will be some really exciting new releases in the near future, but while we wait it is fun to speculate.  What would you like to see added to Micro Land?  Are there any games or figures that you think need to be made?  Let us know in the comments and maybe Jakks Pacific will make our dreams a reality.


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