Mewtwo Amiibo Opened Box Review

Background – Mewtwo is one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time and at least in the original games, he was the Pokemon every trainer wanted and was the hardest to get.  That has made Mewtwo a perfect fit for Smash Brothers and it is great to see his Amiibo come out near the end of the Smash line.  Even though Mewtwo has only been out for a week at the time of writing, it is already pretty clear what his rarity is so let’s jump in and take a closer look at this Amiibo.

Mewtwo Amiibo Package

Rarity – As with many of the newer releases, Amiibo rarity seems to be less and less of an issue and Mewtwo is no exception.  He is not a retailer exclusive and based on my own experience and what information I can find from places like Reddit, Mewtwo is pretty well stocked and will not be a rare or even semi-rare Amiibo.  I think one of the key factors in this is that he is available in multiple places.  In the area I live, Mewtwo is sold out at Best Buy, but other stores like Toys R Us and Meijer have a decent to plentiful stock of him.  Lately, Nintendo has had a track record of quickly releasing more stock whenever a new release sells out and I think there is no reason to think Mewtwo will be rare.

Mewtwo Amiibo Side View

Pose and Details – Mewtwo is a somewhat unique Amiibo in that he has a simple design and his pose is really the focus of the figure.  While he lacks in details, Mewtwo does have a really nice paint job with a flat paint that is not glossy.  In many ways, it reminds me of Charizard and both Amiibos capture the Pokemons’ appearance really well.  The paint actually works well with natural light to capture the shadows on Mewtwo in a way that other Amiibos don’t.  What is perhaps most interesting about Mewtwo is that his pose makes it so you want to have him face a particular direction.  Instead of facing you head-on and centered like most Amiibo, you actually want to arrange him towards the side.  The reason for this is he actually looks bad head on and you can barely see his eyes.  My Mewtwo Amiibo’s eyes don’t look quite right and since I preordered him, I’m stuck with this one.  It is possible that other Mewtwos look better though it doesn’t matter too much since he isn’t meant to be shown from his back side anyway.  While Mewtwo’s pose has some limitations, when positioned correctly, the pose really does make him look like a psychic powerhouse which is exactly what Pokemon fans expect from this character.

Mewtwo Amiibo Side View 2

Mewtwo Amiibo Front View

Mewtwo Amiibo Back View

Should I Open This Amiibo? – Setting aside the fact that I obviously opened mine yes, I think there are some good reasons for opening Mewtwo and for keeping him sealed.  If you open Mewtwo, you can appreciate how nice the paint and texture is much better than in the packaging.  Like I mentioned earlier, he is not rare so it doesn’t seem like you’re going to preserve a lot of value if you open him either.  With that said, Mewtwo has nice looking packaging and that made him a little harder for me to open.  Mewtwo also has pretty limited functionality and is a lot less useful than most Amiibo.  At the time of writing, he works in Smash Brothers as you would expect and also Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad, but he has the same functionality in those games as any other Amiibo.  This makes Mewtwo one of the least useful Amiibos currently and while it is almost a guarantee that we will get more Pokemon Amiibo and more functionality in future Pokemon games, right now, Mewtwo has very limited usefulness.

Closing Thoughts – Mewtwo is not one of my favorite Amiibos, but I think any Pokemon fan will be pleased with what Nintendo has made.  He is yet another Amiibo with poor functionality and I suspect many collectors are becoming a bit disillusioned with that part of Amiibos at this point.  Hopefully, Mewtwo will become more useful in the future but for now, he is a nice looking Amiibo and very true to the original Pokemon games which is great to see.


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