Pokemon N Nendoroid Released

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and interested in Nendoroids then you’ll be pleased  to know that Nintendo is releasing a new Pokemon Nendoroid through Pokemoncenter.com.  The Pokemon Nendoroids are by far the hardest to get and most expensive of the Nintendo Nendoroids and they seem to be released in much smaller quantities than other figures like Mario and Luigi.  Trainer Red goes for over $100 on sites like Amazon and even Cynthia, who is also available on Pokemoncenter.com currently is over her retail price on Amazon.  The reason for this is that someone basically bought the Nendoroid from Pokemoncenter.com and is tacking on extra cost to sell it to you.  So if you’re interested in N, I recommend ordering him sooner than later.  The figure looks great and would go extremely well with the other Pokemon Nendoroids released thus far.  Here are some pictures of the figure and of the previous Pokemon Nendoroids.

Reshiram N Nendoroid Figure

Reshiram N Nendoroid

Cynthia Nendoroid

Trainer Red Nendoroid


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