Micro Land Zelda: Wind Waker Open Ocean Playset Review

Introduction – Having enjoyed the first Wind Waker Playset, I decided to pick up a second one and review it as well.  The Open Ocean set is relatively easy to find at the time of writing and builds off the Outset Island set nicely.  The question is: does this playset match the high quality I discussed in my review of Outset Island?

Wind Waker Open Ocean Playset Box

Water Tile – We’ll start with the most basic piece first.  The water tile has some nice wave or ripple effects to give it a little texture much like the grass pieces in Outset Island, but you have to look closely to notice these details.  In direct light you can see the copyright information and the factory number through the plastic like in the picture, but otherwise, there isn’t too much to say about this piece.  It looks like water and that is all we can ask, especially in a game like Wind Waker where ocean takes up so much of the game’s world.

World of Nintendo Micro Land Zelda Wind Waker Water Tile

Bridge Tile – The play mechanic for this set is the bridge which can be raised or lowered.  This isn’t the most exciting thing in the world since there are no figures that you would want to pass under the bridge, but the tile does look nice.  The paint is shiny on the bridge and the little texture details on the wood look great.  The bridge also connects nicely to Outset Island path tiles which is really nice as well.  This tile looks nice and that is the most important thing for making a display.

Watch Tower Tile – Jakks Pacific was smart to give us something visually interesting that can sit in the water and the Watch Tower can hold several figures if you’d like.  The details of the wood and textures are nice and they once again have a high quality product here.  One thing I have seen is that the platform can be very crooked on some of these playsets so keep an eye out for that if you’re purchasing this in retail.

Zelda Wind Waker Watch Tower

Tetra Figure – I loved the Link figure in Outset Island and Tetra looks pretty good too.  She doesn’t have almost any paint issues and she has some nice details like her sheathed sword.  My only complaint would be that her smirk looks a little weird up close, but I will take that considering there are no other paint issues like with previous Micro Land Figures.

World of Nintendo Micro Land Zelda Wind Waker Tetra

Display Options – I put together my Outset Island Playset with this and am pleasantly surprised how nice it looks.  On the cardboard backing of the Wind Waker Playsets, Jakks shows how the three regular playsets can fit together and honestly, I think what I put together for this picture looks a lot nicer.  If you have some of the other Wind Waker figures, I think you could fill this out even further and make a nice scene.  The Deluxe Playsets can make the village and ocean look even bigger too.  I’m glad I bought these playsets now and am interested in buying the Deluxe ones to enhance the scene further.

World of Nintendo Micro Land Zelda Wind Waker Combined Playsets

Closing Thoughts – While the Open Ocean Playset looks plain in the store, when you combine it with other sets, it is really enjoyable to own.  Jakks Pacific has really put out a high quality product with the Wind Waker series and I hope they continue releasing high quality products like this for Micro Land.  Most importantly, I look forward to owning and reviewing more Wind Waker Micro Land sets in the future.


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