Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Micro Land Figure Packs Review

Micro Land releases have been a bit slow lately so I was excited to see the Wind Waker figures in retail and picked up all three so I can review them.  I had high expectations based on the quality of the figures in the Playsets and that is something I enjoyed analyzing in this article.  For this review, I will review each figure pack individually and then discuss Series 1-4 as a whole.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land King of Hyrule Tetra Ganon Figure Pack

Tetra, King of Hyrule, and Ganon Figure Pack – I’m going to start with what seems to be the rarest figure pack first.  I say this both based on my experiences at retail where they only had one of this figure pack and multiples of the other ones and because Toywiz is already selling this for $25 which is silly and outrageous considering how new these packs are.  Regardless of rarity, I think this figure pack is underwhelming because it recycles two figures that Micro Land collectors already have.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Tetra Figures

Tetra – The first figure is Tetra who looks nice and is hard to stand up (though not impossible).  I reviewed her in greater detail in my Open Ocean Review so I won’t go into much detail here.

Ganon – The second figure is Ganon who is available in one of the three regular Wind Waker playsets.  This was a new figure for me, but probably won’t be for many collectors.  Ganon has fantastic decals on his clothing and even his face (which is tiny!) looks pretty nice with the decals.  Ganon also seems to scale fairly well and is taller than many of the other characters just like he should be.  I will discuss this more later in the review, but any of the figures in the playsets seem to have received extra detail and care from Jakks Pacific and Ganon is a great example of that.  He looks great and is a figure any Wind Waker fan will want.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker World of Nintendo Micro Land King of Hyrule Ganon Figures

King of Hyrule – The final figure is the King of Hyrule which is the weakest in the pack.  His pose is plain, but true to the game and he has a few details like his face and shirt pattern.  Overall though, there isn’t a lot going on with this figure and I think the facial hair he has doesn’t look especially nice.  He also has the product number on the back which is unfortunately making its return for Series 1-4.  If you’re going to buy this figure pack, setting aside the rarity factor, most collectors should consider if they really want King of Hyrule, especially if they already have Ganon and Tetra.  If you have both of those figures, it is hard to recommend it, but if you have one out of the three then I think there is just enough quality in this figure pack to make it worth getting.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Bokoblin Makar Link Figure Pack

Link, Makar, Bokablin Figure Pack – This pack comes with two more obscure characters and Link which probably makes it more appealing to collectors.  It is in the middle as far as rarity goes and while not as rare as the King of Hyrule pack, it is not as common as the Aryll pack either.

Micro Land Zelda Close Up on Shield

Link – Since this figure is exactly the same as the previously released one in the Outset Island playset, you can check out my review of that for more information.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Makar

Makar – It has been a long time since I have played Wind Waker, but I don’t believe that Makar fits in with Outset Island and is in a different area in the game.  Regardless of that, he is a cool and cute character that is nice to see in Micro Land form.  The figure is very small, but has nice details on the face.  He stands up fairly well which is also appreciated.  Makar does have the product number on his back for better and worse.  Overall, I like this figure even if it is on the simple side.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Bokoblin

Bokoblin – It is great to see a Zelda enemy in Micro Land and while not terribly detailed, the pose of the figure is well done.  He has a skull on his belt which is unfortunately all white on the one I bought.  It would look better if the eye holes were black, but this is a minor issue.  He does have spots where the paint is a little thin, including his teeth and his jacket, but that is not uncommon with Micro Land either.  He is definitely one of the weaker figures paint wise and this reinforces the idea that the lesser characters are not as well-designed or executed in Series 1-4.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Bokoblin Aryll Grandma Link Figure Pack

Outset Link, Aryll, and Grandma Figure Pack – Collectors and Wind Waker fans will be happy to know that this seems to be the most common pack of three and is the only one with three figures you can’t get anywhere else.

Outset Link – It is hard not to like this figure.  From his comedic expression to the crab or lobster detail on his shirt, this figure looks great.  He stands up well and looks great coming out of the Outset Island house too.  My only complaint is the hands on mine have a horrible paint job, but you fortunately can’t see those most of the time and it doesn’t hurt his display value.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Link Aryll Grandma Figures

Aryll – Much of what I said about Outset Link is true about Aryll, she has excellent detail with the flower on her dress and her expression.  The pose looks great and also works well with the Outset Island house.  She may be simple and is not a figure Nintendo fans were dying for, but she is a welcome addition to Micro Land.

Grandma – Speaking of figures nobody was dying for, Grandma is not necessarily something we would have requested from Jakks Pacific, but her figure does capture the beautiful simplicity of the Wind Waker art style.  Her nose and mouth are hard to see, but beyond that, I have no complaints with this figure and think she also pairs well with the other figures in this pack.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Micro Land Link Ganon Figures

Closing Thoughts – In my Wind Waker Playset reviews, I talked about how Micro Land was turning a corner quality wise and I think was only half right.  The figures that are in the playsets are fantastic, but the others are much more inconsistent, particularly with their paint job.  It does look like rarity will be a factor like with previous figure packs so if you want the King of Hyrule pack, good luck on your hunt and I hope collectors can pick it up instead of scalpers.  It is disappointing to see the product numbers are still being done on these new figures, but they are fortunately less noticeable than in series 1-2.  Overall, if you’re Wind Waker fan, you will like what these figures add to the playsets.  They definitely look great and give you some display options.  Micro Land is slowly improving over time and I eagerly anticipate the next release from Jakks Pacific.


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