Princess Zelda Versus Sheik Amiibo Battle Review

I have been wanting to write a battle review for these two Amiibos for quite some time, because there is great chemistry between these two figures and they both offer something different.  So if you can only have one Amiibo of Zelda, which one is the best?

Princess Zelda and Sheik Amiibo Box

Fighters/Rarity – Much like in my Link vs. Toon Link Battle Review, both Amiibos are very similar as far as rarity goes.  Princess Zelda was everywhere and I mean everywhere when she was first released.  It is still easy to find her in places like Toys R Us that aggressively stock Amiibo.  Sheik was thought to be rare when she came out, but quickly become surprisingly common for what is probably the most obscure Zelda character in the Amiibo line.  Ultimately, both Amiibos are easy to get so neither one gets the edge in this category.

Princess Zelda and Sheik Amiibo 1

Pose – It can’t be easy to find a dynamic pose for someone in a large dress/skirt, but Nintendo has done well posing both Peach’s and Zelda’s Smash Bros. Amiibo.  With her skirt flowing in the wind, and Zelda issuing a challenge, she looks tough and ready to fight.

Sheik’s pose is incredibly dynamic and shows her acrobatics and stealth abilities.  The way her hands are posed looks mystical and with a well-placed and hidden stand, I think she is one of the better looking Amiibos that relies on a stand.  While this is a close one, I give the edge to Sheik in this department because the pose is more ambitious and perfectly captures the character.

Princess Zelda Amiibo Back

Texture – When it comes to texture, Princess Zelda is a mixed bag.  She has beautiful and intricate white patterns on the bottom of her dress and nice wrinkles in the fabric, and some nice etchings on her shoulder, but her hair lacks detail except for in the back which is disappointing and an area that could be stronger.

Sheik has a huge range of textures from the mesh pants she is wearing to etched leather on her boots.  The wraps on her head look nice and she has just slightly better hair texture than Zelda.  The best texture is the finger wraps which look fantastic and have incredible detail to them.  Sheik easily wins this category.

Details – This is where Zelda really shines.  From the purple pattern on her dress to the Tri-Force and intricate patterns on the front of her dress, Princess Zelda has some amazing details that make her one of better Amiibos as far as decals and details go.

Princess Zelda Amiibo Front Detail

While Sheik does not have very many details overall, there are a few features that stand out.  The pattern on Sheik’s chest looks really great even if it is hard to see unless you look at the figure from below.  Sheik’s eyes captures the calmness and piercing nature of the character very well.  Other than that, Sheik doesn’t have a lot of noticeable details which is why Princess Zelda wins this category.

Shiek Amiibo Front Detail

Functionality – One area where Sheik and Princess Zelda are essentially the same is functionality.  They both work in games like Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, etc. and the Amiibos do essentially the same thing in every game..  So you can choose either one and get the same usefulness out of the Amiibo, regardless of which games you own.

The Verdict – Before I wrote this article, I would have probably said Princess Zelda is the clear choice because of the striking details she has, however, Sheik has a cooler pose and just enough nice textures to make her the winner.  You can’t go wrong with either Amiibo and the competition is close.  Perhaps the deciding factor for many Nintendo fans is whether they like Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess better.  Which Amiibo do prefer?  Let us know in the comments section and let the debate begin!


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