Princess Peach Amiibo Battle Review

For the next Battle Review, I thought it would be good to take a look at two of the less heralded Amiibos.  Princess Peach’s Amiibos are pretty similar in many ways, but also surprisingly different which makes it harder to choose which one is better to own.  As always, the goal of this review will be to evaluate the two different Amiibos and decide which is the better one to own if you had to choose only one.

Rarity/Packaging – Like in some of the other Battle Reviews I’ve written, both Princess Peach Amiibos have basically the same level of rarity and neither should be difficult to find.  Both Amiibo have been common since their release and if you haven’t purchased one yet, you should be able to find one either at a local retailer or online.  As far as packaging goes, I prefer the Super Mario Amiibo packaging to the Smash Brothers one and if you leave your Amiibo in the box, then that is one area where I would give the Super Mario Amiibo an advantage.


Pose – Both Amiibo have simple poses because of Peach’s large and flowing skirt.  The Smash Brothers Peach has a relaxed pose with her legs kicked out and her skirt lifted off the ground.  Her arms are posed as if she is confident or has beat somebody in Smash Bros. which fits that game, but not almost any other Nintendo games she appears in.  The Super Mario Peach looks more timid or passive with the way her hands are positioned.  This is the way we’re used to seeing Peach, but it doesn’t make for an exciting figure.  The fact that one of the more interesting aspects of the pose is how her skirt covers the entire base means that Smash Bros. Peach wins this category.

Smash Brothers Peach and Super Mario Peach Amiibo

Face, Crown, and Hair – The two different Amiibos have vastly different heads which is surprising considering Peach tends to be depicted one way across most Nintendo games.  Smash Brothers Peach has smaller and slightly more realistic features like with her eyes which are less of a cartooning or manga style.  Her lips are also very small and almost hard to notice.  Her hair looks nice with a bit of shading and while it has a little less detail than the Super Mario Peach, it is only by a little bit.  The Super Mario Amiibo has a traditional Peach face and while simple, this is the style that most people want to see Peach in.  One are where there are some surprising differences is the crown.  The Smash Brothers crown does not look as nice from the dull, bronze paint color to the lack of detail because of the figures smaller size.  There is no doubt that the Super Mario Princess Peach’s looks much better.  Overall, the Super Mario Peach Amiibo is what most Nintendo fans want and expect and with greater detail in areas like the crown, the Super Mario Amiibo definitely wins this category.



Dress – The Super Mario Peach does not have a very detailed dress however.  From the simple folds in the dress to the basic amulet/jewel in the upper half of the dress, she is simple and elegant, but not very impressive.  The Super Smash Bros. Peach has tons of nice details.  The gold trim on the dress is really well-done and makes this Amiibo one of the better ones of the first wave.  Even the white sections have their own texture to represent the frills and lace in the dress.  While Peach is usually shown in the more simple dress, there is no doubt that the Smash Brothers Peach looks better.

Smash Brothers Peach Amiibo Dress Detail

Functionality – While you might expect that each Peach Amiibo has its own unique skins in at least two games, Nintendo has mostly made it so you can get by with just having one Peach Amiibo if you want.  For example, in Mario Party 10, you can use either Amiibo for Party Mode which requires an Amiibo.  While I haven’t tested this myself, according to Nintendo’s website, the Mario Party Peach can be used to create a trainable bot in Super Smash Bros. just like the Super Smash Brothers can.  Peach works in a host of other games including Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi’s Woolly World so while neither Amiibo is necessarily better than the other for functionality, at least with Peach you are getting an Amiibo that works across many Nintendo games.

Toad Functionality

Closing Thoughts – Since the two Amiibo are tied, I’m going to let my personal preference be the tiebreaker though I will make a counterargument to that too.  I prefer the Super Mario Peach overall because it is who Nintendo fans are used to seeing.  She has a somewhat boring and predictable pose and you can’t see her base at all, but I think she just looks more like who Princess Peach has been for many, many years.  With that said, the Smash Brothers Peach is more exciting to look at and has great details so if you want something a little different, you can make a strong case for her too.  I like both Amiibos and am happy I have both, but if I had to pick, I would go with the Super Mario Peach Amiibo.  Do you own both Amiibos?  Which of the two do you prefer?  Let us know in the comments below!



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