Every Female Amiibo Ranked!

On the last day of 2015, it is time for a new style of article!  I thought it would be fun and helpful to do some creative lists of Amiibos because lists appeal to both casual and hardcore fans.  For the first list, I will rank all human female Amiibo from worst to best.  I am only ranking Super Smash Brothers and Super Mario Amiibos, because I haven’t seen all Animal Crossing Amiibo in person yet and also because it seems odd to compare animals to humans.  To make things simple, the Amiibo are ranked solely on the figure itself.  I tried my best to leave my feelings on the character and the games they come from out of the list and I believe I succeeded because almost all of the top Amiibos are mostly from series I don’t like that much or I’m not that crazy about the character themselves.  Of course, this is just a list with my opinions.  I welcome your thoughts and rankings of female Amiibos at the bottom of the page too.

11th Place – Super Smash Brothers. Princess Peach – It is surprising to me that this Amiibo falls at the bottom of the list, because I actually like it pretty well.  It has some great details as discussed in the Peach Battle Review.  I also like the pose, but there is something lacking in the Amiibo overall and the depiction of Peach is unfamiliar which is why it ends up so low on the list.

Smash Brothers Peach Amiibo Front

10th Place – Super Mario Bros. Princess Peach – This depiction of Peach is not only more classic and familiar, but some of the little details like her crown just look better than the Super Smash Bros. Amiibo.  It would be even higher on this list if Peach’s pose were more interesting.

Super Mario Peach Amiibo Front

9th Place – Zero Suit Samus – This Amiibo has a lot going for it, including a great paint job and dynamic pose.  Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as cool as the other Amiibo on this list and the stand is definitely a drawback.  It is one of the few Amiibo on this list that seems non-essential except for diehard Nintendo or Metroid fans.

Zero Suit Samus Amiibo Box

8th Place – Princess Zelda – It is surprising, but Princess Zelda has a really nice Amiibo.  The details and her dress design are both excellent.  Her pose is pretty solid and if her hair had better details, there’s no reason to think she couldn’t be higher on the list.  Zelda may be a common Amiibo, but she is still well worth owning and has the best Amiibo of all the Princesses unless you count our next Amiibo.

Princess Zelda Amiibo Front Detail

7th Place – Sheik – Sheik has one of the most dynamic poses that not only nails who she is as a character, but makes her look like a formidable fighter.  She also has nice details with her finger wraps and her decal on the chest is also outstanding.  For all of these reasons, Sheik won the Zelda Battle Review and is another Amiibo every Zelda fan should have.

Princess Zelda and Sheik Amiibo 1

6th Place – Wii Fit Trainer – Even though she is one of the first Amiibos released, Wii Fit Trainer has several things going for her.  Much like Sheik, her pose perfectly captures the character.  It is also very unique and makes her stand out from other Amiibo.  The same can be said for her white skin and simple face details which no other Amiibo has.  Wii Fit Trainer is probably the least popular of the “Holy Trinity,” but she is worth hunting down.

Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo Box

5th Place – Samus – Some Amiibos really capture the essence of the character they represent and Samus is definitely that way.  From the shiny metallic paint, to the confident pose, Samus looks great and is one of the stronger female Amiibos Nintendo has made.

Samus Amiibo Side

4th Place – Rosalina – If I were ranking Amiibo based on how much I liked a character, Rosalina would not be high on my list.  I don’t dislike her, but she is far from one of my favorites.  The Amiibo itself is very high quality and it is not hard to see why she has been a very sought after figure ever since release.  Her light blue dress looks great and I especially like the stars on the back.  I also love to see Nintendo adding multiple characters on a single Amiibo base and having a Luma is a great touch.  Perhaps the best argument for why Rosalina should be high on this list is how even her fingernails look perfect.  This type of attention to detail secures her place on this list.

Rosalina Amiibo Box

3rd Place – Squid Girl – Another relative newcomer to Nintendo, the Squid Girl is a fantastic Amiibo with its own unique design.  Not only are the colors bold, but the paint job is very clean and has the sort of shine that the characters have in Splatoon.  The smoothness of the textures fits the games perfectly and even her mischevious expression is captured well on this Amiibo.  The ink on her base is also a nice touch and makes Squid Girl stand out from other Amiibos and even if you haven’t played Splatoon yet, it is hard not to admire this Amiibo.

Splatoon Squid Girl Inkling Amiibo

2nd Place – Lucina – Arguably one of the most popular characters in Super Smash Brothers, Lucina has an excellent Amiibo that is sure to please Fire Emblem fans.  Any character that carries a huge and awesome looking sword is bound to be a great figure, but Lucina also has a great expression and pose.  Her face has perfectly placed eyes and you can see her determination clearly too.  This puts her ahead of many earlier Fire Emblem characters and even Shulk with his Monado.  Lucina has more than earned a high place on this list and while she is hard to find, she is well worth owning.

Lucina Amiibo Box

1st Place – Palutena – Of all the Amiibo on this list, Palutena has several features that no other figures can offer.  The color of the packaging and Amiibo is immediately noticeable.  Palutena also has an awesome looking halo behind her which emphasizes her role as a God/celestial being.  The details on this Amiibo are seriously incredible too.  From the gold hanging off her belt to the color fade on her shield and even the semi-transparent jewel on her staff, I would be tempted to say Palutena has the best details of any Amiibo.  Her face is also perfectly in line with the character and her hair is outstanding.  This really is one of the best Amiibos Nintendo has made and Palutena is currently the best female Amiibo Nintendo has done yet.

Palutena Amiibo Box

As with all lists, there are bound to be disagreements and we welcome your opinions in the comments section.  Who are your favorite female Amiibos and why?




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