Warp Pipe Amiibo Stand Review

A few months ago, several different Amiibo display options were licensed by Nintendo and released by third parties.  With so many Amiibo sold, it made sense to give collectors a way to highlight figures they’re proud to own.  When I first saw the Warp Pipe Stand was coming out, I didn’t think too much of it because I thought the Luigi Nendoroid which also comes with a Warp Pipe would be higher quality.  However, as time has gone on I’ve been looking more into display options for my Amiibo and thought it would be useful to review this stand for other collectors as well.

Amiibo Warp Pipe Stand Box

Paint and Details – Generally speaking, the paint and details are pretty well done on this stand.  The colors both on the pipe itself and the ground pattern all look like something from Mario.  One thing that is really surprising is that the stand is really glossy and I mean all of the stand.  The pipe and the base are all shiny which doesn’t fit the games quite as well as it could have.  In the interest of full disclosure, in all of the pictures I took for this review there are three lights being used to make sure everything is bright enough.  If you put the Warp Pipe Stand in less light, the shine is a little less than what you see in these pictures.

Amiibo Warp Pipe Stand Front

Display Options – Any Amiibo that Nintendo has released should fit into the stand (at least until we get ones with irregular bases like Wolf Link) and it is fun to try out different characters and franchises in the Warp Pipe like I did in several of the pictures (I don’t have an opened Mario or Luigi Amiibo yet, otherwise they would be in one of the pictures).  Any Smash Brothers or Animal Crossing Amiibos look great in the Warp Pipe and the black bases look especially good since the black part basically look like the shadows you would expect to see inside the pipe.  The Super Mario ones do not look as good because the bright red sticks out unless you view the Amiibo and stand at eye level.  This is no real fault of the Warp Pipe Stand though and just something to be aware of if you want to display Super Mario Amiibo.  In my second picture, I used the background from the Luigi Nendoroid and put it behind the Warp Pipe Stand.  This wouldn’t work that well as a diorama display, but it did result in a really nice picture and shows what you can do with a bit of creativity (and purchasing things from multiple figure lines too).


Amiibo Warp Pipe Stand with Kirby

Closing Thoughts – The Warp Pipe Stand does everything you would expect it to do.  It looks pretty nice and is basically the price of an Amiibo (I got mine for $10 during an Amiibo sale at Toys R Us, but normally it is $14) so it is hard to complain about it even with the glossy paint.  It would be cool if we could get some other display pieces to match it, and this might not look bad alongside the other larger display stand Nintendo has released (pictured below) if you want to make a larger Mario themed display.  I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed both looking at and trying out different Amiibos in the stand so if the idea interests you at all then the Warp Pipe Stand is certainly recommended.

Amiibo Display Stand



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