Link First 4 Figures Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Statue Review

Not too long ago I posted about some of the statues that are available to Nintendo fans and collectors or are coming out soon.  I have to admit that I was eyeing the two that are currently on sale at Game Stop.  The fact that I have been interested in owning a statue for quite some time and that the Link was only $30 ($50 off which is crazy) made it impossible to pass up.  This is the first statue I’ve ever owned, but I’m going to try my best to review it and show why statues can be a great thing to collect.  This review will be more in-depth and picture intensive than my usual reviews because there is a lot to show as well.  I hope you enjoy it.

Link Skyward Sword Statue Size Comparison

Box – As with Nendoroids, both the box art and preserving the box is important to collectors.  One thing I will say is that the boxes do not have a really sturdy cardboard.  Instead of ordering from Game Stop online, I thought I would go to the only local store and get this statue there.  Unfortunately, the two statues they had both were damaged and I suspect quite a few of the ones Game Stop has stocked and sold are that way.  If you’re thinking of buying this statue, you may not have a choice but to order online and see what you end up with.  My box really only has one corner that is dinged up, but I would have preferred a more intact box, because it is something that makes the statue that much more desirable and it would preserve the statue’s value better.  The art on the outside is really nice and shows off just how great the artwork for Skyward Sword is.  The box has a window you can open and close if you don’t want to open the statue or you want to keep it displayed in the box which is nice to have as well.

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Box

Pose – The Link statue is meant to pair with Scervo, the Pirate that you fight in Skyward Sword in what was quite a lengthy and difficult battle for me anyway.  So Link is dodging or parrying a sword blow in this particular statue.  What I like is that the pose is dynamic and tells the viewer a story (especially when paired with the other statue) which does set this Link apart from the Twilight Princess one which is also readily available online where Link looks confident but also passive.  Overall, I like the pose even though it looks good from one particular angle and not so much from the sides or the back like you can see in the pictures below.

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Angle 4

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Angle 3

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Angle 2

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Angle 1

Shield – One thing that surprised me about this statue is that Link actually has quite a bit of weathering to his clothes and his shield.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up really well in the pictures I took, but for example, the metal edges of the shield are a darker metallic color to show that it is worn or used.  Even the red pattern on the shield shows some dirt or damage which is really cool.  I don’t think of Skyward Sword as having a particularly realistic design or style, but I like seeing Link this way so I couldn’t be happier with it.

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Shield Detail

Tunic – Another place where the detail on this statue is really amazing is the tunic.  There are at least three shades of green that show both shadows and highlights.  The folds of the fabric look really realistic as well.  First 4 Figures also added a nice chain mail layer underneath the tunic to show just how well-protected Link is.  The tunic has the same realistic look that the shield does and is another strong point of this statue.

Zelda Skyward Sword Statue Cloth Detail


Face – The best part of all is most definitely the face.  Not only does Link hair have a nice two-tone paint scheme which makes it look 3D, the eyes are just incredible.  The details are so fine and well done that his eyes look very realistic.  Link’s determined expression fits this statue and his character perfectly as well.  There are several areas where this statue distinguishes itself from Amiibo or even Nendoroids and the details in Link’s face is certainly one of them.


Base – The last thing to mention is Link’s base which doesn’t look bad.  It is a flat black with the Tri-Force pattern and lines coming off it to make it looks as if the Tri-Force is sparkling in the light.  It would have been awesome if the Tri-Force was painted a gold color to make it more visible, but other than that base looks nice.  I’m not sure how valid of a complaint this is, but I found the statue very hard to get on its base.  It is cold here where I live and I tried to put it on its base a day or so after I bought it.  It seems like the plastic has stretched or become more pliable since then, because I finally got Link’s legs to match up with the pegs.  Just know that Link does not fit on the base quite as easily as you might expect and you may want to be patient with getting him on the pegs.  Waiting certainly paid off for me.


Closing Thoughts – I don’t know how long Game Stop has been selling this statue or how many of them were made like other First 4 Figures, but at $30, it is an incredible deal.  If you’re at all interested in this statue, I would definitely recommend picking it up.  I have no real complaints about the quality or the design.  It would be worth $80 and the style of Link is really awesome.  Unless you prefer Link in Wind Waker, I think any Zelda fan will love the detail and more mature and realistic style.  I know I will enjoy displaying this statue for many years to come and I will certainly be looking for statues to add to my collection in the future as well as covering them as much as I can on the site.


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