Why Nintendo Should Consider a New Building Set/Mini-Figure Line

Shortly after I started collecting Amiibos, I wanted to diversify my collection and add some other kind of Nintendo figure/toy to my collection.  I looked at many different options before settling on Micro Land which has been a lot of fun to cover on this site and a product I really enjoy.  However, since we have no idea if Micro Land will continue in the future right now and a non-Nintendo toy I bought for myself recently have both got me thinking about the one type of product I think Nintendo could use.  This may be the only article of its type that I ever write on the site, but I hope you find it interesting and that one day my wish or something similar comes true.

One of the products I looked at were the Mario K’Nex sets.  I had seen them at Nintendo World in NYC and while they looked cool (and are reasonably priced compared to Legos) there is just something about them that has kept me from buying them.  One is that they are heavily focused on how you can play with them.  There are launchers which hurl Mario and Luigi around the playset which is great for kids, but not something I would want to use it for.  To be honest, the Mario K’Nex also look kind of ugly to a collector or certainly to this one.  While K’Nex represent some awesome Mario games, they also look too much like K’Nex sets and not enough like the games they represent.  There also tends to be a lot of empty space or a lack of a background with K’Nex sets which I don’t like as well.  You can see examples of what I mean below when you compare K’Nex to Micro Land.  Having said that, I can certainly see plenty of pluses to the K’Nex sets and I can certainly understand why some people might really enjoy them.  I grew up playing with Legos and not action figures if you can believe that and I like Legos pretty well even if I don’t actively buy Lego sets because they’re relatively expensive and the licenses they have do not necessarily appeal to me outside of Star Wars.

Layer Cake Desert Super Mario Bros. U K'Nex Set
When you compare this to Micro Land’s recreation of Layer Cake Desert, there isn’t much competition.

Micro Land Playset

However, there has been an explosion of new and different Lego or building sets being released.  Halo and Assassin’s Creed have their own building sets which is something I would have never believed until I saw it in stores while hunting Nintendo figures.  While not video games, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have interesting building/miniature sets as well that look really nice.  I recently purchased a Game of Thrones one that is pictured below (that is a stock photo and the real thing doesn’t look quite that nice or have that many figures) and while it was not that much fun to build (the pieces don’t fit together well and it can actually hurt your fingers trying to put it together) it looks great when finished.

Halo Mega Bloks

Assassin's Creed Mega Blok Set

McFarlane Game of Thrones Iron Throne Room Set

So that brings me to my suggestion for Nintendo.  First off, I should say that I don’t know how long K’Nex will have the Mario license and if Nintendo would even consider licensing something like my idea in the near future because K’Nex is a pretty similar product, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we got something like the Mega Bloks Assassin Creed or Halo sets or even the Game of Thrones set, but for Nintendo?  You really could make your own levels then and if the company wanted to do blind bags then they could do that or we could just buy them in packs like the figures in Micro Land.  I think a line of products like this would really appeal to Nintendo fans and collectors and it might help get or keep kids’ interest in Nintendo products.  I love Legos and think they could really sell well if Legos wanted to make Nintendo sets but perhaps one of the other companies would be cheaper and better for Nintendo to go with.  Legos also tend to look like Legos and not exactly the license they are supposed to represent whereas some of these other toy companies seem to be designing their products to look more like the license which is really nice.  Would you be interested in a product like this?  What ideas or things would you like to see get made in the future?  It is a great time to be a Nintendo collector and it seems like we will only get more cool stuff in the future, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some new ideas or product lines coming out at some point too.

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