Ash and Gary Pokemon Nendoroids are coming!

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that if you like Pokemon figures, you need to be checking out Nendoroids.  They are releasing more Pokemon figures than any other Nintendo licenses.  While I haven’t played Pokemon in many years, I’m glad they’re releasing these two classic characters in Nendoroid form.  From the early pictures, it looks like these are a different type of Nendoroid which come with fewer accessories than normal.  Surprisingly, Ash and Gary come in a pack together and it sounds like they are going to be difficult for those of us who do not live in Japan to purchase.  Amazon Japan and Pokemon stores in Japan are the only two places that are carrying these two figures as far as we know.  This almost definitely means that someone will try to scalp them for a high price to sell to Americans and Europeans who really want to own these two figures.  Hopefully, Good Smile decides to make them available in some way globally though based on other Pokemon Nendoroids, that seems unlikely.  You can see a picture of these two new figures and let us know if you’re going to try and import Ash and Gary from Japan in the comments below.

Ash and Gary Pokemon Nendoroids



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