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Those of you who read a few of the most recent articles may have noticed a change to the site.  While it was always my intention to eventually get a domain name, I finally got around to doing so recently.  Unfortunately, someone took which was always the domain I wanted and had been available just a couple of months ago.  I suspect that whoever took it is now trying to ransom it.  As frustrating as this is, they will not get any money from me and that is why the new URL is  From what I can tell, Google now shows all pages of this site with the .net address so be aware if you see the new address in searches, it is still the same great site you’ve been visiting.  All images that are added to the site will have the new URL in them too   I hope you find the new address easier to remember and use than the much longer WordPress URL.

It is a new era for the site and I appreciate you taking time to visit the site over the past couple of months.  Without you, wouldn’t exist!  I have many exciting plans for the website in the future so I hope you’ll stay tuned and keep collecting Nintendo figures!



  1. Its great you have your own domain name. Sorry someone took the .com but .net is still cool. I enjoy reading your posts and will continue to do so. How would you like some extra exposure to your site? As you know I run a Nintendo theme site. I could reblog your Amiibo articles and include source links to your site so people can find out more of your content. Let me know if you are interested. Keep it up! 😉

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    • It is a little frustrating, but you’re right that a .net address is still good and easy to remember. That would be really cool and you’re more than welcome to promote this site that way. I actually have an idea for an Amiibo article this week and I can do some promotion for your site on here too. I will think about other ways I can help promote our sites too. I enjoy seeing the latest Nintendo news on your site! 😀


  2. That’s great! I am always looking for more content to post and I don’t cover amiibo as much as I would like to. You cover quite a fair bit of detail and it is very well written. This could work out for both of us!

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