Best and Worst Mario Amiibo – Which Should You Buy?

Whether you’re a longtime Amiibo collector who already owns all of the Mario Amiibo or you’re new to Amiibo collecting and want to know which ones are the coolest to own, this list is for you!  Mario unsurprisingly has more Amiibo than any other character (for now anyway) and that can make it a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which ones to own. This list will rank every Mario Amiibo that has been released in terms of which is the coolest looking, has the best pose, and paint job..  I will not be including functionality as part of the rankings because most Amiibo are relatively even as far as that goes particularly when discussing all of the same character.  I will also discuss rarity some just so you know how difficult the Amiibos are to find and get.  Without further ado, let’s rank Mario!

All Mario Amiibos

5th – Dr. Mario Amiibo – After much thought, I decided to rank Dr. Mario last on the list.  My reasoning for this is that unless you’re an old school Nintendo fan, Dr. Mario is not likely to be a character you’re fond of.  While the novelty of Mario in a doctor’s outfit is high and there are some nice details like on his lab coat, Mario’s pose is straightforward and his expression is not in line with how Mario is usually portrayed.  I think it is a great Amiibo and you can read my review for more info, but on this list, Dr. Mario ends up at the bottom.  If you’re interested in picking up Dr. Mario, he is a Target Exclusive, but relatively common and easy to find cheaply on Ebay.

Dr Mario Amiibo and Waluigi

4th – Super Smash Brothers Mario Amiibo – It surprises me to see this Mario so low on the list, but I think it is a competitive list and not a lot separates these Amiibo, especially here near the bottom.  This is one of the earliest Amiibo and I think it shows in a couple of areas.  There isn’t a ton of detail in Mario’s clothes and I think the colors are not as vibrant as later Amiibo either.  The real highlight is the pose and the fireball which does look awesome.  Of course, it is weird to see Mario with a fireball and no Fire Suit on, but this Amiibo is modeled after Super Smash Brothers and not traditional Mario games.  This is one of the most common Amiibo Nintendo has released and should not be hard or expensive to track down.

Super Smash Brothers Mario Amiibo

3rd – Super Mario Amiibo – I actually don’t own this Amiibo for reasons I will get into later, but I have been tempted to get it on many occasions.  I think this Amiibo has vibrant colors and is the best looking “regular” Mario Amiibo to date.  The Super Mario Amiibo has an interesting pose that fits the Mario Party games very well and it certainly has Mario’s cheerful demeanor too.  While the red base looks nice, it is the packaging which I think looks really great and is another reason why this Amiibo has the edge on the other Mario Amiibo previously discussed.  This Amiibo is not rare, but I don’t see it stocked outside of Toys R Us very often.  It was originally only available in a bundle with Mario Party, but has since been released on its own.  It is a common Amiibo overall and shouldn’t be too hard to track down if you’d like to own it.

Super Mario Amiibo

2nd – Retro and Modern Mario Amiibo – This Amiibo was definitely made with longtime Nintendo fans in mind, but anybody can appreciate the awesome design of this Amiibo.  The 8-bit style and simple blocks that make up the Amiibo really set it apart from others on this list.  I own the Retro Amiibo and actually think the Modern is cool enough to buy too even though the sculpt of the figure is the same.  That speaks highly for how cool of an Amiibo this is.  The Warp Pipe stand is also unique to this Amiibo and helps round out what is an awesome package for Nintendo fans.  I have seen this Amiibo in stores lately, but when it came out, it was not easy to find.  It is certainly the rarest Amiibo I have discussed so far, though getting one should not be overly expensive.  The Modern Mario Amiibo is a Walmart exclusive, but that may be changing soon.  It has been available off and on through Walmart’s website if you’re interested in picking that version up.

Retro Mario Classic Colors Amiibo

1st – Silver and Mario Amiibo – This can only mean that the coolest Mario Amiibo is Silver and Gold Mario.  I grouped these two together because they both have awesome paint jobs and in many ways, I think Silver looks just as cool as Gold Mario.  The paint is fantastic and these are some of the brightest and best looking Amiibo Nintendo has released.  These Amiibo have the same pose as the Super Mario Amiibo which is the big reason I never purchased it and while this is slightly disappointing, that they are just a repaints, they still are worth owning and look awesome in person.  What is nice about these Amiibo is they cover both ends of the rarity spectrum.  Silver Mario has been relatively easy to find since it was released and occasionally is restocked, especially online.  Gold Mario was a Walmart exclusive and has been rare ever since its release.  If you’re looking for the rarest and most expensive Amiibo, Gold Mario is the way to go.  Japan recently got Gold Mario and importing one is cheaper than buying the US version so that is something to consider if you’re looking to get one for a reasonable price.

Silver Mario Amiibo

Gold Mario Amiibo

This list highlights both how many Mario Amiibo we have gotten, but also how Nintendo could release so many more in the future.  Mario has more variations and Power-ups than any other character and it will be exciting to see what Nintendo does next.  I hope this list helps you as you build your collection and let us know in the comments below which Mario Amiibo are your favorites!



  1. I have the super Mario Bros edition and both 8-bit editions of Mario, I couldn’t justify buying the gold or silver Mario’s as like you said it is just a paint job. Unless serious about collecting it is probably easier to get the standard Mario and the paint him over. I am starting to mull over Dr Mario & Smash Mario now though 😉

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