Big World of Nintendo 4″ and 2.5″ Announcements at WonderCon

Along with Toyfair, WonderCon is one of the biggest conventions and an opportunity for toy and figure manufacturers to make a splash and Jakks Pacific brought some pretty big announcements for the World of Nintendo line. As has been the case with previous Jakks presentations, which seem to only occur in dark rooms that remind me of a movie theater, the pictures are grainy though they still give us a pretty good idea of what the figures will look like.  Full credit and thanks goes to Mariods64 on Reddit for compiling these images.  Let’s dive in and see what is coming to World of Nintendo.

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure Wave 6

The next wave of the 4″ line looks pretty good.  The two that get me excited is the Red Koopa Paratroopa and Falco.  These are two new figures and will be exciting to add to anyone’s collections.  A repaint of Tanooki Mario is less exciting and there have been a ton of Yoshi figures already so the same can be said of that.  Wind Waker Link is well represented in World of Nintendo and if you have the Nendoroid, there probably isn’t a big reason to get this one.  All in all, this looks like a good, but not spectacular wave.

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure Wave 7

Wave 7 has no repaints and quite a few exciting figures.  Skull Kid is hard to find in the 2.5″ inch size and will be one many will want to have.  Getting Cat Mario and Toad in a larger size will be great as well.  Slippy is very exciting and this is one of the first Slippy figures I am aware of.  For me, that is a must buy and it makes me want to go back and get Fox to make a cool Star Fox display.

World of Nintendo 2 Inch Figure Wave 7

While the next wave of 2.5″ figures was spoiled at Toyfair and has hit some stores already, I wanted to go ahead and post this here just to remind collectors that this is coming out soon if it is not already out near you.  I hope to pick up several of these and review them in the near future!

World of Nintendo 2 Inch Figure Wave 8

The next wave of 2.5″ figures is new and has several surprises.  Villager is the first Animal Crossing figure we’ve seen in World of Nintendo.  A smaller Samus could be pretty cool as well.  Tanooki Mario and Cat Luigi are smaller versions of their 4″ counterparts but I think anybody who doesn’t have them will enjoy those figures.  The figure itself of the Chain Chomp looks poor in this picture, but it is awesome to see him as part of World of Nintendo, hopefully the final product looks better.

World of Nintendo 2 Inch Figure Wave 9

But wait there’s more!  Tom Nook will be fleshing out Animal Crossing figures even more.  The Metroid figure is probably the most sought after of all World of Nintendo figures so to get a smaller version will be awesome and should look great with Samus.  White Tanooki Mario is possibly the only dud in this group because it is just a simple repaint.  The Squid will be a huge hit just like Splatoon has been on Wii U and the Bob-omb will be awesome with the growing number of villains Jakks Pacific is making.  Overall, this is another pretty solid wave and a lot to be excited about.  There were a couple more surprises however…

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Shadow Link

World of Nintendo 4 Inch Bronze Link

Wow, where to start with these two.  First off, this is how you do a repaint!  Both figures look incredible in the grainy pictures and I look forward to getting a more detailed look in the near future.  While I don’t understand why there is going to be a Bronze Link since that is not a character who has ever appeared in Zelda, he looks cool so I don’t care.  Shadow Link looks even better and will be sought after by collectors.  And then you have the odd exclusivity.  Available first at Spencers!?!  Do they carry figures, let alone Nintendo ones?  And Bronze Link is a Walmart Exclusive?  This is also unprecedented for a 4″ figure.  I just hope these figures aren’t too hard to find/get.

The big disappointment is that after Toyfair where the Micro Land Bling Bags were shown off, there is no mention at all of it here.  While we shouldn’t assume too much from this fact alone, the future of Micro Land looks cloudy at best.  This is especially true when you consider just how much stuff Jakks Pacific has announced at WonderCon.  There are multiple waves of plush figures and some small Mario Kart Racers, but not a word about Micro Land.  That seems to indicate to me that the Blind Bags may actually be the final release for Micro Land or that Jakks Pacific won’t release anymore until what is out there sells.  Jakks Pacific made too many of the Wind Waker playsets and so there are a lot of them sitting in stores waiting to be bought and I suspect that isn’t helping Micro Land.  I will keep you updated on any other Micro Land news that comes out and if nothing else, fans of the tiny figures will have to comfort ourselves with the idea that World of Nintendo as a whole is going strong and becoming more diverse with each release.  I look forward to reviewing many of these new products this year and I hope all Nintendo fans and collectors are able to find the ones they want.

What are your thoughts on these announcements from Jakks Pacific?  Any figures that are must buys for you?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • Hola si me gustaría agregar algo más si me permiten escuchar mi idea, hay muchas figuras geniales y que los coleccionistas les encantarán,pero me gustaría que crearán la figura de link majoras mask no es una figura tan viral como la de Ocarina o la de winwaker ni como la de skyward pero es una figura poco existente y los coleccionistas les encantará la figura de link majoras mask, bueno estodo espero les guste mi idea jaja gracias por su atención.

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      • Seth,

        Hola y gracias por comentar. No sé español por lo que Google traduce esto para mí. Por favor, disculpe cualquier error que hace! 🙂 Estoy de acuerdo que figura la Máscara de Majora sería un popular entre los coleccionistas. No sé si Jakks Pacific hará uno, pero creo que un Enlace joven de ese juego podría ser realmente grande y se venden bien. No sé si te gusta Nendoroids, pero pronto habrá Enlace Máscara de Majora una con una gran cantidad de accesorios de moda que saldrá pronto así que es posible que desee comprobar que fuera. Gracias por compartir sus pensamientos y por visitar la página web!


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