Princess Zelda Wind Waker Nendoroid Accessories and Preorder Announced

Good Smile Company has updated us on the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Zelda figure with new pictures and finally revealing all of her accessories.  First off, she looks awesome fully painted and Zelda fits the Nendoroid style extremely well.  Even more exciting is the news that she comes a bow and a light arrow.  But wait, that’s not all!  Like all Nendoroids, she is loaded with accessories and will also have the Master Sword and Mirror Shield which the Wind Waker Link Nendoroid can use.  Much like the Mario Nendoroid which came with arms for Luigi, Good Smile is doing a cool thing by expanding upon figures they’ve already released and making you want to own both figures.  Based on the pictures below, these two figures should look fantastic displayed next to each other.

Zelda Nendoroid 1

Zelda Nendoroid 2

Zelda Nendoroid with Light Arrow

Zelda and Link Nendoroid

Preorders for Zelda are now open and Good Smile estimates that she will ship in October later this year.  These release dates can, and often are, moved around so do keep that in mind.  If you preorder with Good Smile, it does cost more money (their shipping in particular can be quite high) but it is one way to be sure you’re one of the first to own this new Nendoroid.  Other options will be opening up in the coming days and weeks so keep an eye on Japanese retailers like and if you’d like to preorder from them and save a bit of money, but still get the figure relatively quickly.  My interest level in this Nendoroid is growing due to the new accessories and I could certainly see myself picking it up when the price drops at US retailers to around $35.  What do you think about the Zelda Nendoroid?  Do you plan to preorder it or pick it up later when it is more readily available?  Let us know in the comments below!


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