Goomba World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

While you might initially think, that a review of a Goomba figure could be a little straightforward, this is an interesting figure that Jakks Pacific has put out.  Truth be told, I waffled on buying it because my first impression when I saw it in retail is that this is huge!  The Goomba is basically as big as any other World of Nintendo figure which is one of the many factors of this figure that this review will cover.  This is going to be an interesting figure to look at so let’s jump in!


Paint – For this review, we’ll change up the order a bit and start with the paint.  The Goomba is obviously a simple figure, but the paint here looks good.  The trickiest part is the fangs which look very nice and there is no white paint bleed here.  The Goomba’s eyes also look centered which is equally as important.  I took a look at the other Goomba figures (Toys R Us had quite a few thankfully) and they all looked pretty solid with almost no paint issues.  Hopefully this means most of the Goomba figures whether retail or online are up to this level of quality.



Articulation – While we expect that the 4″ Inch World of Nintendo figures are going to be articulated, at the same time, I don’t know if anybody would complain if a Goomba isn’t.  After all, what does a Goomba really do in the games besides walk from side-to-side or chase after Mario?  Well Jakks Pacific did as well as they could with the Goomba.  He can rotate his head, which is nice and fits the 3D Mario games well.  The Goomba can also move his feet to make it look like he is walking.  While the articulation in the feet is odd and not like any other figure I’ve seen before, it is nice to see and lets you give some sense of the Goomba’s movement.  This is definitely the smallest amount of articulation in a World of Nintendo figure that I’ve seen, but considering the character, it is not a surprise and is totally fair.


Accessory – The most common accessory in World of Nintendo makes its return here.  A coin fits Super Mario, but not necessarily a Goomba very well and so there isn’t too much you can do with it.  However, perhaps you can implement all the coins that Mario figures come with in a nice display.


Scale – The size of this figure is a bit of a head scratcher.  Most Nintendo fans would have wanted an in-scale sized Goomba for a lower price than a super sized one.  The Goomba is a bit shorter than Mario and reminds me of the “Giant World” in Super Mario Bros. 3 where some enemies are bigger than Mario.  I don’t know for sure whom this figure was based off of, but it is surprising that Jakks Pacific designed him to be so large.  If there is any aspect of this figure that is a disappointment, for me this would be it.  I don’t do custom figures, but if I did, I would turn this guy into the Goomba King from Paper Mario which you can see below.  The size is there and it would actually spice this figure up a bit more too.  That is the one upside I can see to this scale.

Paper Mario Goomba King


Closing Thoughts – The Goomba is an unusual figure.  It is nice to see some bad guys in World of Nintendo because Nendoroids and the SH Figuarts all have more than World of Nintendo’s main figure line.  However, the scale might dampen some Nintendo fans’ interest in this figure.  If nothing else, the Goomba is relatively cheap and despite being from Series 1-3, it is not too hard to track down at the time of writing.  If you’re trying to build a nice Mario collection then this is figure is worth picking up.  If you’re not as big of a Mario fan, this may not hold the same appeal, especially with limited articulation.


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