Legend of Zelda Figure Buying Guide is Complete!

I’m very happy to announce that I have finished the Zelda Figure Buying Guide.  The final section is on Japanese figures which have not been widely released in the US.  There are quite a few really interesting figures and some obscure Zelda games are represented so I encourage you to check it out!  The Zelda Figure Buying Guide ended up being way more work than I expected, because there are hundreds of Zelda figures out there, but it was totally worth it.  NintendoFigures.com now has the only comprehensive and up to date guide on Zelda figures on the internet!  I appreciate your patience as I have worked on the guide and while it took more time and work than I hoped, the final results speak for themselves.  I hope you enjoy the guide and click on the link below to check out the latest additions:

The Zelda Figure Buying Guide.


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