Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Coming to Japan

I don’t always report on Amiibo news because I feel like a lot of sources beat me to the punch (or the news happens when I’m in the middle of writing another article and by the time I’m done, the news feels old), but I have a very interesting scoop for you.  According to Reddit user, Goodbye18000, and, Capcom has just announced that in October they will be releasing three Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo in Japan!  Monster Hunter Stories seems to be a mix of regular Monster Hunter and the super popular Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch style games.  You can see this in the cuteness of the art style as well.  There is no word on what the Amiibo do in game though that information usually comes out as we get close to the game’s release.

Monster Hunter Hunters Amiibo Prototype
Image courtesy of

These Amiibo appear to be prototypes since they do not have a proper Amiibo base yet and it will be interesting to see what kind of base they end up having.  While Capcom is a big company and Monster Hunter does fairly well in the US, I wonder if it is a big enough franchise for Nintendo to release these here in the US or in Europe?  It would fit into Nintendo’s promise to make Amiibo for other developers like with Shovel Knight which I think is exciting and means Amiibo can really expand their scope and broaden their appeal.  The price of the Amiibo seems in line with prices here in the United States too with the Rathalos (the dragon looking creature) Amiibo costing a bit extra.  It will be exciting to see if these come to the United States and even if they don’t, it shouldn’t be too hard for collectors to import them from Japan through sites like and  If you’d like to check out more information about the press conference or Monster Hunter Stories visit: Perfectly Nintendo’s article.  What do you think of these new Amiibo?  Are you a Monster Hunter fan?  Would you buy them even if you don’t like Monster Hunter?  Let us know in the comments below!


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