New Metal Gear Solid and Mega Man Nendoroids Announced

Good Smile is keeping their video game themed Nendoroids going and releasing two more figures that might interest Nintendo and especially, Smash Brothers fans.  The first up is Solid Snake: Stealth Camouflage Version which is a repaint of the regular Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake Nendoroid.  However, the figure has a seriously impressive paint job and is a cool way of showing the stealth part of Metal Gear Solid.  I appreciate that they did the retro style head in this color/design too.  The bad news is that this figure is exclusive to Anime Expo 2016 which means that it is only going to be sold at the convention in Japan.  That will make this a very difficult figure to get and it will almost definitely command a higher price on the secondary market.  It is possible some of the big retailers will sell some of these, but they will go quickly, so if you’re interested, prepare to spend some money and to do so quickly after the release date.  Solid Snake: Stealth Camouflage Version is coming out soon at the Anime Expo which runs from July 1-4.

Metal Gear Solid Stealth Camouglage Version 1

Metal Gear Solid Stealth Camouglage Version 2

The second Nendoroid is similar in that it is a repaint, but Mega Man: Metal Blade Version comes with some unique accessories too.  I’ve never been a fan of Mega Man and don’t know that much about the series, but it looks like this focuses on one of his power-ups you can get from defeating bosses.  The color scheme is interesting and I almost like it better than traditional Mega Man colors, but the most exciting part is that saw.  It looks really nice.  Mega Man is incredibly popular and I can see this figure being pretty sought after as well.  Good Smile is planning on selling it at Anime Expo 2016 alongside the Solid Snake, but Mega Man will also be sold at CCG Expo 2016 in Japan which takes place July 7-11.  According to Good Smile Company,  Mega Man may appear at some other conventions so there is reason to think this Nendoroid may be a little easier to get than Solid Snake.

Mega Man Nendoroid Metal Blade Version with Saw

Mega Man Nendoroid Metal Blade Version Stunned

Mega Man Nendoroid Metal Blade Version with Energy Capsule

Both of these releases are coming up quickly and will definitely drain our wallets.  I wonder if we could see any Nintendo releases like these two variants.  Ever since Good Smile first started doing Nintendo Nendoroids, I’ve been waiting for variants like a Fire Mario version or Tanooki Mario version and we still haven’t seen anything like that.  It is interesting to see these two franchises get that treatment first.  Regardless, this is exciting news and these are both intriguing products.  What do you think of these announcements?  Will you be getting them?  Let us know in the comments below!


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