New Super Mario Amiibo Line Revealed!

Way back when Mario Party 10 came out, Nintendo teased that there would be more Super Mario Amiibo including characters like Waluigi and Rosalina.  That was quite a long time ago now and to everyone’s surprise, Super Mario Amiibo have resurfaced!  Nintendo has announced that seven new Amiibo are coming out on November 4th!  The characters to be released are:

Wario Super Mario Amiibo


Waluigi Super Mario Amiibo


Daisy Super Mario Amiibo


Rosalina Super Mario Amiibo


Boo Super Mario Amiibo


Donkey Kong Super Mario Amiibo

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong Super Mario Amiibo

Diddy Kong

Super Mario Amiibo Group Shot

It is exciting to get new characters like Waluigi, Boo, and Daisy in this new wave, but I love how Diddy Kong and Wario fit their characters better than the Smash brothers Amiibo do.  I think making these Amiibo different from what they previously released is very smart by Nintendo.  While there are plenty of Amiibo collectors who don’t collect World of Nintendo, it is also interesting how these Amiibo more or less are the same as some World of Nintendo figures (Waluigi is basically in the exact pose as he comes in World of Nintendo).  The problem for World of Nintendo is that these Amiibo look higher quality and I know I will gladly replace mine with the Amiibo.  If you’re interested, these Amiibo are already up for preorder on Amazon and I’m sure other major retailers will follow suit soon.  I don’t know if we’ll get any more Amiibo announcements or not, but Nintendo has definitely exceeded any expectations I had for E3.  What do you think of the new Super Mario Amiibo?  Which ones will you buy or skip?



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