New Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong Amiibo Displays Are Coming Soon!

As the excitement from E3 is starting to slow down, one piece of news that has largely escaped many websites is that there are new Amiibo display options coming.  While I haven’t liked all of the options that have been released (the Mario Brothers End Level display being the main culprit), I will always welcome new options for collectors.  PDP, the makers of the Warp Pipe Amiibo Stand, which I reviewed favorably on the site a while back, announced at E3 that they are working Nintendo to bring us even more Amiibo display options.  A Zelda, Super Mario Brothers Fire Bar, and NES Donkey Kong style display will be released on July 28 and will be available at major retailers including Amazon where you can currently pre-order them.  The Zelda and Mario Fire Bar displays will be $15 and the Donkey Kong will be $20.  Surprisingly, the Zelda Display will come with a sound feature that is activated by removing the sword from the stand.  The Fire Bar will be motorized so it can spin like in Super Mario Brothers.  These are quite a bit more ambitious features than the Warp Pipe Stand!  While I like all three of the displays, I’m really excited about that Donkey Kong one.  Not because I’m a huge Donkey Kong fan (it is a pretty tough game), but because it gives us a cool way to display a lot of Amiibo vertically which is always nice to have.  Here is a look at the three new displays.

PDP Zelda Amiibo Display Stand

PDP Super Mario Fire Bar Amiibo Display Stand

PDP Donkey Kong Amiibo Display Stand

Do you own any Amiibo display stands?  What do you think of these new options?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • Agreed and haha! It must be a side effect of the Tri-Force XD My biggest complaint is that the Sword of Time is behind Link while the Amiibo is already wielding a sword. If it looked like Link was going to pick that one up, I think that display would look really awesome. I’ve read where that sword seems to be a stylus you can use with your 3DS or Wii U which looks dangerous to me, but if nothing else, it is certainly a creative and unique product!

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      • Hahaha. The more I look at it, I feel like that Sword of Time stand wasn’t well thought out. A stylus sword would be neat. I don’t think it would be dangerous. After all, the sword is what you should take when it’s dangerous to go alone. 😉

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      • Haha! I guess I can’t help but see a 3DS or Wii U Gamepad that has been impaled by a plastic Zelda sword when someone was getting too excited playing. Having said that, there aren’t very many games that use stylus like say Elite Beat Agents did so I’m probably overthinking it 🙂

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      • Yea, not really. You mostly would use stylus in a game like Super Mario Maker. So now I’m imagining Mario constantly trying to avoid a sentient sword, hahaha.

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