Monster Hunter Amiibo Displays Coming to Japan

Sharp-eyed Reddit user, 2h_FanClub, spotted something interesting on that I haven’t seen many other news sites discuss, so I wanted to mention it here.  Full credit goes to him/her because they spotted Monster Hunter Amiibo displays on’s website!  It looks like the display will be cardboard/plastic like the previous Amiibo dioramas released in Japan.  When the Kirby and Smash Displays were announced, I thought for sure they would come to the US, but I’m actually growing skeptical since we still haven’t heard any mention of them by Nintendo.  I think there is almost no way this one will get released here.  Monster Hunter is not popular enough here in the United States to warrant something like this and it would sit on a lot of retail shelves.  The only way it might work is if it was a retailer exclusive (like maybe Gamestop), but even that seems unlikely.  Fortunately, while does not ship to the US, has it up for pre-order and Play Asia does as well and both will ship to the US.  It is currently on sale for 1,450 yen which equals about $14 US and you can see pictures of this new display below.  Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Monster Hunter Amiibo Display 1
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Monster Hunter Amiibo Display 2
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Monster Hunter Amiibo Display 3
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    • I wonder if they will come to the US at all. I think there is certainly a good chance that they won’t. The only good news is that the Monster Hunter Amiibo won’t be too hard to import, but I imagine the price will be something like $25 per Amiibo unless they bomb in Japan or something like that.

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      • Yeah, unfortunately probably not. It’s okay, as I would prefer a Monster Hunter Generations amiibo line anyway as opposed to their current Monster Hunter Stories line.

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      • Yeah, I’m not sure I would buy these Amiibo if they come out to the US. I want to try Monster Hunter sometime, but I want to try a mainline version of the game and not a spin off whenever that happens. I suspect most Nintendo and Amiibo fans feel the same way as we do.

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