Nintendo Micro Blind Boxes Spotted at GameStop and For Sale Online

For those of you interested in the new “Nintendo Micro” version of Micro Land figures, Gamestop has stocked them over a month earlier than they initially said.  First spotted by NewEnglandRetro on the World of Nintendo Reddit, Gamestops around the US will hopefully be stocking this new product soon, if it hasn’t already appeared near you.  One figure is $4, but you will have a chance to get some rare figures like Nabbit.  I’ve discussed my feelings about the price point and how likely this new version of Micro Land is to be successful already, but who knows, I may pick up one or two of these and do a review in the near future.  If you buy any or collect these new Blind Boxes, please get in touch in the comments section and let us know what you think of this new product!

Nintendo Micro Blind Bags
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    • I completely agree! Especially when you could buy a 3 of the figures for $6-$7 and there was no random element to it. I often think I should make videos on Youtube to compliment the site, but I know nothing about video editing and I imagine it is fairly time consuming to put out video content even semi-regularly. You’re exactly right that the blind boxes would be perfect for an unboxing video. It would be pretty fun to make I imagine too 🙂

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