Custom Amiibo Artist Spotlight – GandaKris

As much as I love bringing you news and reviews on this site, I am always looking for new types of articles or content about this great hobby.  A while back, I talked about custom Amiibo in a Figure Collecting 101 article and always intended to come back and look at this side of the hobby in more detail.  Custom Amiibo have become a phenomenon that I haven’t seen with any other Nintendo figure line.  Artists are taking Amiibo and turning them into beloved characters from Nintendo games, other video games, and even TV shows and movies.  Sometimes we even get to see Amiibo of obscure characters that we hope Nintendo will make, but never expect to actually see.  As you can imagine, high-quality custom Amiibo are highly sought after and fetch big prices.

One of the most impressive artists out there is definitely GandaKris.  She can take an Amiibo like Pikachu and tweak it a bit in cool ways or she can take the Amiibo and completely transform it into something wholly new and different.  If I had to identify one of her specialties or favorite subjects, I would say she is especially good at creating new Pokemon Amiibo.  This is something many Nintendo fans have been clamoring for ever since Amiibo started and right now, her art helps us see what that could actually look like.  For example, take a look at these incredible versions of the legendary Pokemon.

Gandakris - Legendary Pokemon

GandaKris also made an incredible version of Bulbasaur.  This is an Amiibo a lot of Nintendo fans would love to see get made, especially with how popular the early Pokemon games still are.

Gandakris - Bulbasaur

One of GandaKris’s favorite subjects is Pikachu.  While she has many different kinds of custom Pikachus, my favorite is Detective Pikachu.  The props around Pikachu are really incredible and bring this crazy character from Japan to life.

Gandakris - Detective Pikachu

Another Amiibo that GandaKris was able to transform into something really cool was Ness.  This “Boy Scout” version of Ness is awesome and showcases her abilities all at the same time.

Gandakris - Boy Scout Ness

I’ve been saving some of her best custom Amiibo for last, while it is not a Nintendo franchise per say, I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and this Shulk almost looks like it was originally designed to be Sora.  I would love to see Kingdom Hearts have a bigger presence on Nintendo systems and one day I want to own some KH figures like this!

Gandakris - Sora

Finally, we have some Amiibo that any “old school” Nintendo fan would want to have.  Mario Sunshine is probably the most underrated Mario game I can think of and it had a lot of unique characters in it.  Bowser Jr. was quite possibly at his best and not only did GandaKris make an Amiibo to showcase this, but she even included the Shadow Mario that haunts your every footstep!

Gandakris - Bowser Jr and Shadow Mario

As you can see, GandaKris truly does exceptional work.  You might be inspired to try and make your own custom work after seeing what she has done or you might want to buy a custom Amiibo from her, but regardless, it is hard not to appreciate what she does.  Custom Amiibo like this help elevate what is possible with Amiibo and show just how cool the figures can be.  If you want to view more of her work or find links to her store check out the following links:

FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Youtube Channel

I hope you enjoyed this new style of article and I’ll spotlight some more amazing custom Amiibo in the near future!


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