More New Monster Hunter Amiibo Announced!

According to Nintendo Wire’s recent article there are three more Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo coming to Japan!  While we have very few details besides the names of the figures and a so-so image below, it is very surprising to see so many new Amiibo coming to Japan and no mention of them being released in the US.  I have speculated that it is entirely possible that none of these Amiibo will come out in the United States, but I hope that they do for fans of this series.  It is interesting because this is the most support a non-Nintendo game has been given as far as Amiibo go (Shovel Knight only got a single Amiibo for example).  It will be interesting to see how high the demand is among American Monster Hunter fans and Amiibo collectors, especially if this is a Japan-only release.  Here is a look at the Amiibo and the names are listed below:

New Monster Hunter Amiibo

Qurupeco and Dan-senpai

Barioth (nicknamed Hyouga) and Ayulia

Rathian and Cheval




  1. These look pretty nice. My fingers are crossed, but I’m not expecting anything regarding these coming to the west… Hopefully Monster Hunter Generations sells well to convince Capcom and Nintendo that we want Monster Hunter!

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    • I agree and I actually think these Amiibo look better than the first three that were unveiled. Nintendo should really consider a limited release of these Monster Hunter Amiibo. I think that would actually get people to go out and buy them. It would also keep them from becoming “peg warmers” that have to be sold for $4 like some of the Animal Crossing Amiibo.

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      • That’d be interesting. I wonder if people would go crazy about those if they were limited. I just don’t want to repeat waves 2-4 all over again for these things.

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      • I think it might be the only way to get people who aren’t Monster Hunter fans interested in these. With that said, there would be a lot of complaints from more casual Amiibo fans and Monster Hunter fans who just would want the Amiibos to have a normal release like there were in those early waves. It seems as if Nintendo is possibly in a no-win scenario with this particular release.

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