Custom Artist Spotlight – AKShop08

Last week I started a new series of articles that highlights artists who are doing incredible custom Amiibo artwork.  Today I want to showcase another talented artist who is making affordable custom Amiibo that any Nintendo fan would want to own.  AKShop08 runs an Etsy store with many different custom Amiibo options.  I’m going to focus on some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises in this article, but just know that she does create custom Amiibo that are from non-Nintendo game series as well.  One of the cool things about her custom service is that if you have or want to get a particular Amiibo customized, you can send it to her and she will charge a lower price.  When you consider the cost of the Amiibo as part of her work, the prices are quite reasonable as well.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the amazing custom Amiibo she has made and you can buy!

Annie and Moe Splatoon Custom Amiibo

Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s hottest franchises and while we are getting a Callie and Marie Amiibo very soon, there are still some great characters who are not getting an Amiibo.  Annie and Moe is the perfect example of this and AKShop08’s version is so good it makes me wonder if Nintendo could top this!

Linkle Custom Amiibo

Linkle Custom Amiibo 2

Linkle is another new character that has taken Nintendo fans by storm.  While we may not be getting a female Link in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a lot of people would love to see an Amiibo of Linkle.  AKShop08 has stepped up to the plate with this incredible custom figure.  The extra pieces on the base not only help hide the stand but really bring this character to life.  This is again just amazing work.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Custom Amiibo

With Pokemon Sun and Moon being released, Pokemon fever has been high among Nintendo fans.  The three new starter Pokemon are cute and sure to be favorites so why not show your excitement by getting a cute custom Amiibo showing off all three?  We still haven’t gotten a Pokemon line of Amiibos but thankfully with custom artists like AKShop08, there are still ways to get the latest and greatest in figure form.

Cowboy Kirby Custom Amiibo

Speaking of cute Amiibo, AKShop08 has found a clever use for the new Kirby Amiibo!  Cowboy Kirby lets you celebrate one of the new powers in Kirby: Planet Robobot and because I am dying for a line of Kirby Amiibo that show off the different power-ups, this Amiibo is particularly tempting for me to purchase.

Alph and Olimar Pikmin Custom Amiibo

While it is not one of Nintendo’s most popular series, Pikmin fans are pretty diehard.  There are not a ton of Pikmin figures out there and almost all of them are either Olimar or of the Pikmin themselves.  AKShop08 makes an Alph custom Amiibo that captures the humor of this character really well.  If you’re a Pikmin fan then a figure like this is a dream come true.

Captain Toad Custom Amiibo

Captain Toadette Custom Amiibo

Way back when the Super Mario Amiibo were announced, Nintendo fans were confident that we would eventually see a Captain Toad Amiibo to capitalize on the game’s recent release and popularity.  Unfortunately, Nintendo never released a Captain Toad perhaps thinking that one Toad Amiibo was enough at the time.  Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one of the most charming and fun games on the Wii U and it is an Amiibo that I would love to see made.  Fortunately, AKShop08 offers not only a Captain Toad but also a Captain Toadette custom Amiibo!  Both of these figures look fantastic and the custom packaging really makes these Amiibo a must have.

These are just a few highlights of AKShop08’s amazing work.  She is an incredibly talented artist and I hope you’ll check out her work and consider supporting her if you see anything you like.  If you’d like to see more or purchase any of her work please check out the following links:

AKShop08’s Etsy Store

AKShop08’s Twitter



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