K.K. Slider Amiibo Review

I was recently shopping at Meijer, a local grocery chain and on a whim I wandered into the Amiibo section to see if there were any on sale that I might like to review because Nintendo figure releases have been a bit light lately and sure enough, they had the K.K., Cyrus, and Reese Amiibo 3-Pack on sale for $10.  I haven’t been actively collecting the Animal Crossing Amiibo but I like K.K. and the price was too good to pass up.  Unlike previous 3-pack reviews, I will review K.K. on his own and then Cyrus and Reese in a second article in the near future.  Most people buy this 3-pack to get K.K. and I will discuss the overall value of the 3-Pack and which of three Amiibo I like best in my next article.

Rarity – Like all Animal Crossing Amiibo, the K.K. Slider 3-Pack has been easy to find in retail stores and online.  I haven’t followed this particular Amiibo set closely but I’m pretty confident it has been on sale several times and it wouldn’t surprise me if it continues to be marked down until more Animal Crossing Amiibo sell out in retail stores.


Packaging – It is rare that I don’t love Amiibo packaging and I think Nintendo always does well with the 3-Packs.  The design is simple but seeing all three characters in the background really pops and I always feel bad opening one of these 3-packs because they look so nice.  The fact that I got these Amiibo so cheaply and that they will almost definitely never be rare helped ease my guilt.

Pose – All of the Animal Crossing Amiibo are simple and do not have very dynamic poses but K.K. Slider is one of the better ones because we at least get to see him performing instead of just standing there.  I struggle to think of an Amiibo that is sitting and holding an accessory like this which also makes this Amiibo stand out from others.


Paint and Details – K.K. Slider is a simple character with a very simple paint job.  Other than his face, he is totally white.  The wood grain and small details on the guitar are by far the best features of this figure though I like that he is sitting on a stump just like in the games.  My biggest complaint with this figure is how simple it is overall and other than looking at K.K. from the front, this Amiibo has really no other display options.  If it were up to me, K.K. either would have been singing (to make it slightly more dynamic) or he would be the DJ version which is a little more eye-catching.  With that said, Nintendo executed this simple figure perfectly and there are no flaws or defects that I could find.

Not much to see on the back or the side of this Amiibo….

DJ KK Slider

Functionality – One of the greatest downsides to the Animal Crossing Amiibo is that they have very limited usefulness in Nintendo games.  Their greatest use is in Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival which is a game that received low scores from critics.  If you like or are interested in Amiibo Festival, the K.K. Amiibo unlocks his character in the game so that is one nice use.  He also unlocks an 8-Bit skin in Super Mario Maker.  Outside of that, the Amiibo only works in games like Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker but it is the same as any other Amiibo you scan in those games so it isn’t too useful.  The lack of functionality is surely one reason why the Animal Crossing Amiibo have not been a bigger hit with Nintendo fans and is an undeniable weakness of this figure.


Is It Worth It? – K.K. Slider is a fan favorite character and one many were excited to get when Animal Crossing Amiibo were announced.  The fact that he was stuck in a 3-pack with two less popular characters discouraged many people.  The K.K. Amiibo looks fairly good and I love the picture I was able to take with my very modest Animal Crossing Amiibo collection, however, this figure is a bit too simple and the lack of functionality do take away from it.  Unless you absolutely love K.K. Slider (or you like all three characters), this Animal Crossing 3-pack is not worth full retail price.  $35 feels like a bit too steep of a price for three simple Amiibos especially when only one is popular.  Fortunately, if you keep your eyes peeled, it should be easy to find this at a much lower price in the coming months.



  1. I love K.K. Slider and knew I had to get his amiibo. But yes, I was very disappointed that I also had to buy Cyrus and Reese along with it. Nintendo was very clever about the packaging bundles, because I ended up getting every one of the amiibo. At first, it was going to just be Isabelle, K.K., Tom Nook, but then everything was bundled with everything else, and I just decided to get them all……. K.K. is still a nice one though. Great review!

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    • I agree with you on Nintendo’s marketing cleverness! It is sad that some of the decisions were made and that these Amiibo were overproduced. The Animal Crossing Amiibo I’ve reviewed have all been really high quality and get me excited for the future releases. Were there any Animal Crossing characters that didn’t get Amiibos that you wanted to see released? I still can’t get over there isn’t a Leif (the sloth) Amiibo and we got that annoying little skunk, Kicks! What an injustice! 🙂

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      • I would have liked some of the villager animals, but there are too many, so that’s probably why they went the card route for them. Other than that, I always felt we needed Crazy Redd and Gulliver, but those are special characters. Out of the regular animals, we got Mabel, but not the superior hedgehog, Sable, so my vote goes to her.

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      • There were a ton of villagers in New Leaf and I think Nintendo would have had a tough time choosing which villagers to make. It seems like some Animal Crossing fans get really attached to certain ones too.

        Sable would probably be my second choice so that is an excellent pick! Gulliver could also be a really cool Amiibo. I wouldn’t mind one of the old turtle Mayor either. Our conversation is starting to make me want to pick up a few more of the Animal Crossing Amiibo! 🙂

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  2. Ahh yes the animal crossing amiibo. I pretty much stopped getting amiibo after I got all of the smash characters I wanted. I have about 20 or so, plus the boy and girl inkling. Honestly, I’m just waiting for Cloud and Corrin to come out, and then I’ll probably be done with these for the foreseeable future. Unless of course, if they decide to release a set of Fire Emblem or Metroid amiibo. :p

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    • I’m looking forward to Cloud and Bayonetta a lot too 🙂 I have only dabbled in the Animal Crossing Amiibo since I’m not a huge fan of the games. I think Nintendo missed a big opportunity with Amiibo when Fire Emblem came out earlier this year. A small set of Fire Emblem Amiibo would have sold well and appealed to more hardcore Nintendo fans who haven’t had many Amiibo to get excited about lately.


  3. I have read that some owners of the KK amiibo were amused by the detail of the guitar strings on the guitar. However, the pictures of the one that you have do not have them. I wonder if this is due to the 3-pack or not imported from Japan? I really want the one with guitar strings. Do you know anything about this?

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    • This is a great question and my Amiibo definitely does not have any guitar strings. I have spent some time looking for an answer to your question and I can’t find any evidence of a variant of the K.K. Slider Amiibo. It is possible that the guitar strings are in another region but none of the Japanese K.K. Slider Amiibo I found on Ebay had it either. Sorry I couldn’t be more help and thank you for visiting the site!


      • Vanessa,

        Sorry for my slow response, things have been really busy the last day or two. That link definitely helps! I cannot seem to find that figure but I can say for sure that that is not a K.K. Slider Amiibo. If you look closely, you can see the Isabelle Nendoroid next to it. A Nendoroid is around the same size as an Amiibo so that K.K. Slider figure is huge! I tried searching for a Japanese K.K. Slider figure on the internet and on Ebay and found some large plush figures but none that match this. I wonder if this was only released in Japan and is hard to find in other markets. I will keep looking for this and if I find any other information, I’ll let you know on here.


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