NECA Contra Figures Available Now!

With my recent article on Castlevania figures (and I have a little tidbit on that very topic later on in this article!), I thought I would share some news that Nintendo figure news.  NECA, a respected figure maker, has finally released their Contra figures of Bill and Lance, the protagonists from Contra.  While Contra is not made by Nintendo, it is a game many people love on the NES and fans of the series would surely enjoy these figures.  My favorite part of these figures is the packaging which retains a retro NES feel, but also has a nice window-box packaging that figure collectors prefer (especially compared to the clamshells that NECA used for a long time).  These figures can be bought directly from NECA on Amazon and Ebay for about $55.  For whatever reason, you can save a dollar or two by getting the Contra Figures on Ebay so that is worth keeping in mind.  You can get a closer look at these new figures below (which look great in the displays NECA made).  Below the pictures, you can read on for some juicy gossip on the possibility of other Konami licensing with NECA!

Contra NECA Figures Box

Contra NECA Figures

Contra NECA Figures 2

Unfortunately, if you’re hoping for some more Konami licensed figures from NECA, I have some disappointing news.  Recently on Twitter, NECA (who is very honest on their Twitter account!) has commented on Konami and called them incredibly difficult to work with.  While NECA made Castlevania figures in the past, it seems unlikely that the two companies will be doing any work in the future.  Unfortunately, this means that some of the best Konami franchises like Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid will not be picked up by an American figure company.  Bummer!


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