Reese and Cyrus Amiibo Review

Now that I’ve reviewed the main draw of this Amiibo 3-Pack, K.K. Slider, it is time to review the less fancied Alpacas.  Reese is a likable but somewhat forgettable character that runs a shop you visit often in Animal Crossing: A New Leaf.  She lacks the personality hook that Tom Nook has as well.  Cyrus is a character that I quite frankly did not like at all in Animal Crossing.  I found him both rude and weird and never got into the part of the game where he helps you get household items.  I mention all of this because it highlights one of the problems the alpacas have: they are Amiibo that many Nintendo fans are not passionate about.  I am certainly in that camp, but I’m not going to try and review these figures in a fair way and assess the figures on their own merits.


Packaging – As I mentioned in my K.K. Amiibo review, The packaging is definitely a strength of this Amiibo 3-Pack.  It is charming and colorful just like Animal Crossing.



Poses and Display – The Animal Crossing Amiibo have less dynamic poses, but they are one of the few Amiibo that can actually be put next to each other to make a scene.  That is certainly the case with Reese and Cyrus.  Reese looks helpful and polite just like how she acts in the game.  The pose is a little too similar to Mable in my opinion but otherwise, it looks good.  It is easy to make Reese look like she is enjoying a conversation or in this case, a performance by K.K. Slider.  Cyrus looks stubborn just like he is in the game which is nice and the best display option I could come up with was him “negotiating” with the raccoon slumlord and all-around ruthless businessman, Tom Nook.  Overall, the poses might not be exciting but they fit the subject matter very well and fit right in with other Animal Crossing Amiibo to make some nice little displays on your shelf.


Paint and Detail – I have said this in previous reviews and I think it is true with the alpacas as well.  The Animal Crossing Amiibo have some nice subtle details and in that aspect are as good as any Amiibo Nintendo has made.  Reese for example really looks like she has lipstick on and her apron really looks like cloth.  Cyrus has a lot of the same strengths because he is such a similar character in design but I think the neck fur on both figures really looks great and stands out.  The one complaint I will make is that the two characters have such a similar design that it kind of makes it less exciting to get both of them at the same time.  You’re basically getting two very similar figures when one would have probably been better.  Nintendo did it with other characters like Blathers and Celeste but the alpacas are the two Amiibo that many Animal Crossing fans most likely didn’t care that much about.


Functionality – Unfortunately, Animal Crossing Amiibo have limited usefulness in Nintendo games.  Their greatest use is in Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival which is a game that received low scores from critics.  If you are interested in Amiibo Festival, Reese and Cyrus can be used with it but unfortunately, I don’t know if these Amiibo unlock Cyrus and Reese for the board game or not since they are not main characters.  The alpacas also unlock an 8-Bit skin in Super Mario Maker.  Outside of that, the Amiibo only work in games like Hyrule Warriors, Chibi-Robo, and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker but it is the same as any other Amiibo you scan in those games so it isn’t too useful.  Overall, the lack of functionality is certainly a weakness with these Amiibo which is a shame since they are already a bit underappreciated as it is.

Closing Thoughts – They may not be the Amiibo we wanted but there are some real strengths with Reese and Cyrus.  The paint and detail is strong and actually surpasses K.K. Slider.  The problem with these two is that they are too similar to each other and the characters of Reese and Cyrus are not popular ones.  They are probably the best evidence of Nintendo going too deep into Animal Crossing and needing to scale back how many figures they made.  If they stuck with Isabelle, Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, Blathers, Resetti, and maybe a couple of alternate Villagers, Nintendo might have had a successful release and satisfied fans.  As it stands now, I would say that this Amiibo 3-Pack is not worth $35 would highly recommend getting it on sale if possible since K.K. Slider is the only sought after figure of the three.



  1. Well-done as always! I think the alpacas’ biggest weakness if being plain uninteresting. I didn’t know many people that liked the alpacas that much, and they were already new additions to the cast in New Leaf. It just confused me to have to sell items at a different place than where you buy items (Tom Nook’s store). Having two whole amiibo based on these alpacas, which are very similar, like you said, seems like a waste when we could have had some of the missing Animal Crossing mainstays instead.

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    • Thank you! I tried to be fair to the figures and highlight any strengths I saw but Cyrus and Reese just aren’t characters most people are excited about owning and there is no way to make up for that sadly. We can only hope that Nintendo has learned their lesson though right now I think many people including myself are dying for some new Amiibo and waiting until November for the Super Mario ones is taking far too long!

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