New Zelda Ultra Detail Figures Coming to Japan!

While I have not reviewed any of the Ultra Detail Figures from Medicom yet, I have discussed them in the Zelda Figure Buying Guide.  If you’re a Zelda fan, then you’ll be happy to know that there are more new Zelda figures coming next year to Japan. has listings for a A Link Between Worlds Link, Majora’s Mask Link, and Twilight Princess Link coming in May 2017.  With each figure costing roughly $10 + shipping, the figures are an affordable alternative to a Figma Link (though keep in mind these are more statues than action figures).  It is also nice how the Majora’s Mask Link stands out from the other figure releases inspired by that game, especially with the mask.  Previous Ultra Detail Figures were sold at Game Stop and can easily be found through online retailers so it shouldn’t be hard to get into collecting these figures.  If you want to get these new Link figures first, the best way is to preorder them directly from Japan. is a site I’ve had great luck with and would definitely recommend.  It is a long wait for these new Link figures but I think it is exciting to see new figures from Medicom and more options for Nintendo figures too.  What do you think of these new Zelda figures?  Are there any you’d consider pre-ordering?  Let us know in the comments below!

Majora's Mask Link Ultra Detail Figure

Twilight Princess Link Ultra Detail Figure

A Link Between Worlds Link Ultra Detail Figure




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