Cat Mario World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

If there is one criticism that could be leveled at World of Nintendo right now, it is that it feels like there are too many repaints and variants and not enough new figures.  As a result, it would be easy to dismiss Cat Mario as a retread since Cat Luigi came out months ago.  However, if you take a closer look at this figure, you might be surprised by how great it is.  This is one of finest World of Nintendo figures yet and a unique figure you cannot get from any other figure line currently.



Box – While the art style is the same as past Mario figures, I like to show the packaging and what else is in the wave whenever I review World of Nintendo.  At my local Toys R Us, I found a couple of Cat Mario’s, and a lot of Toads and nobody else.  I suspect that you will see this pattern in other stores.  Slippy and Skull Kid are likely to be harder to find.


Articulation – I feel like many times World of Nintendo 4″ figures have good articulation but a lack of posing options.  Cat Mario does have 14 points of articulation which is better than some of the recent figures I have reviewed like Fox and Falco.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that Cat Mario has some of the best posing possibilities I have seen and is only matched by Cat Luigi and Bowser Jr.  This is also one of the few World of Nintendo figures that has been really fun to pose.  What sets this figure apart?  First off, the arms and hands are more expressive than other figures that have closed fists.  This was also true of Cat Luigi but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome to see again.


Cat Mario also has legs that can move out more than a lot of World of Nintendo figures.  This lets you do some incredible poses like you see above and below.  I can’t say I have seen almost any World of Nintendo figures be this dynamic and while I wouldn’t draw a comparison to Figma or something along those lines, this is at least moving in that direction and Cat Mario is much less stiff than earlier figures I’ve reviewed.


Paint – Not unlike Cat Luigi, there really aren’t a lot of outstanding details on this figure, but Jakks Pacific does get everything right.  I looked over all of the Cat Marios before choosing this one and I didn’t see any of them with major paint issues.  Some have white paint that needs another coat in small places, especially around the legs but other than that, I really saw almost no defects.  This is one thing I like about World of Nintendo 4″ Inch figures and while there can be some stinkers, by and large, you should be able to find a great figure in places like Toys R Us.


Accessory – The Cat Bell makes a return with Cat Mario and while I have one, I certainly can’t fault Jakks Pacific for reusing this piece.  It looks great and is a unique accessory.  Just like with Cat Luigi, you can get some good poses and display options using the bell so I think most Nintendo fans will be happy to see this accessory again.




Closing Thoughts – With excellent paint and some of the best posing in World of Nintendo, this figure easily gets my recommendation.  I can totally understand if you have Cat Luigi and decide to pass on Cat Mario since it is a similar figure (though not just a repaint thankfully).  If you’re at all interested in another high quality figure from Super Mario 3D World then I think this one is worth getting.  This is one of the top tier World of Nintendo figures and I hope we’ll continue to see high quality figures like this in the future!




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