Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo Release Date Leaked?

It certainly says something about the lack of Amiibo releases when even the hint of a future release date gets you excited!  According to a recent article on IGN, Nintendo’s European site had the potential release date of March 4, 2017 listed for the three Breath of the Wild Amiibo in their website code.  Thus far, Nintendo has only stated that the Amiibo are coming out in 2017, however, March 2017 is when the NX has been rumored to be coming out so the date certainly makes sense.  Another possibility is that this date was set as a general estimate but never intended as a final release date (which would explain why Nintendo has only stated that the Amiibo are coming out in 2017 thus far).  So there is a decent chance the date gets moved around before release.  If you haven’t seen the Amiibo yet, here is one of the promotional photos Nintendo has released.


While I think we’re all looking forward to new Amiibo coming out, these three are possibly the most anticipated by Nintendo fans.  We can only hope that they come out in March or possibly sooner since we’re all starved for new figures from Nintendo.




  1. If it’s true, I’d be glad that it’s early March rather than late March which is what I was expecting. I would hope that the amiibo arrive on the same day as the game. I expect a bundle too, probably with the Guardian amiibo, haha.

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    • I think the Amiibo will come out the same day too though I think Nintendo would be wise to release them earlier than that. I think the Amiibo will be a great seller and can get people pumped up for the game. I’m dreading the Amiibo bundle as well haha I don’t know if I’ll get an NX at launch since I have a large backlog to tackle and I feel like the Amiibo bundles are getting discounted within months of release. Even Twilight Princess had that happen which made me feel a little burned for getting it at release for full price.

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      • I haven’t had a chance to try out the Amiibo in Breath of the Wild just yet but I hope that they aren’t as much of a cheat or scan your Amiibo to make the game easier as they sound. Zelda games rarely need to be easier!


    • Haha! I can understand that. With the Super Mario Amiibo in December, we will probably need some recovery time to save up for the Zelda ones. I’m still highly curious if the retail price on these, especially the Guardian will be higher than the usual rate. I could definitely see that happening.

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  2. I’m more concearned with the possibility that the Guardian amiibo has been nixed. The character lineup page on nintendo’s site has Link (rider) and Link (archer) listed but not Guardian.

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    • Daniel,

      I hadn’t seen or heard anything about this and I was surprised to see that you’re right. It is possible that Nintendo has nixed the Guardian Amiibo though I am surprised they have done this and almost nobody has noticed. Perhaps the Guardian Amiibo is too expensive to make or they couldn’t get it to pass toy regulations. Quite a while ago, Miyamoto said that they wanted to make an articulated Arwing Amiibo and that it couldn’t be released because of child safety laws so that could certainly be the case here. I have a feeling we will hear more about this in the near future and it will be interesting to see what happens with the Guardian Amiibo.


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