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Last updated 6-3-2018

Is there a character more unpredictable and endearing than Luigi?  He has gone from Mario’s forgotten (often for comedic value) brother to being celebrated in the Year of Luigi.  While not everyone may like controlling Luigi in platforming games, everyone should have a good Luigi figure.  In this Figure Buying Guide, I will try to cover every Luigi figure that exists so that you can see what is out there and decide what you might like to own.  While this guide is currently a work in progress, it will be finished in the coming days and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the information and pictures that are already up.

As with previous Figure Buying Guides, I will start with the most recent and/or most common figures and make my way towards some of the more expensive and obscure stuff.  Luigi has a lot of merchandise out there so I have included some hyperlinks below to help you navigate the guide more easily.  A lot of work goes into these guides and I do the best I can to provide accurate and up to date information, if there is anything that is incorrect or missing, please let me know in the comments below so I can improve this guide.  Thank you for reading and I hope it inspires you to pick up some Luigi figures!

luigi wallpaper 2_by_zupertompa-d60qxj1
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To help make navigating this guide easier, feel free to use the following links to move around the page.

Mini Figures
Micro Land
Nintendo Micro
PopCo Super Mario Mini-Figures

Modern Figures
World of Nintendo
Ultra Detail Figures
S.H. Figuarts

Building Toys

High-End and Older Figures
Luigi’s Mansion Joyride Statue
Club Nintendo Statues
Luigi Mario Kart 64 Toybiz Figure

Japanese Figures
Luigi’s Mansion 2 Figure
Gashapon and Keychains

Mini-Figures – For the first time ever in a Figure Buying Guide, I am going to start with small scale figures that were released in the United States because there are surprisingly quite a few out there for Luigi (which is unlike Kirby, Pikmin, or Zelda which all have their own figure guides here on

World of Nintendo Micro Land – While Micro Land is most likely discontinued, it is not too hard to find online and is still relatively affordable as well.  These mini-figures came either in figure packs of three or in regular or deluxe playsets.  Most of the Mario playsets are now difficult to find online and often are overpriced compared to their original retail prices.  Originally, the figure packs were $5-7 and the playsets were $9-10 and deluxe playsets were $16.  Generally, your best bet to get these figures is to look for them used though many of the early Luigi figures like Squirrel Luigi are going to be pricey because they are the rarest figures in the whole toy line.  If you’re shopping online, watch out for knockoff Micro figures from Hong Kong.  They are cheap but obviously not legitimate and do not hold the same value as real Micro Land figures.  To see pictures of all of the Micro Land releases and info on their rarity, check out The World of Nintendo Micro Land Releases and Rarity Guide.

Wave 1 Figure Packs

Mario / Luigi / Goomba

Squirrel Luigi / Squirrel Toad / Bob-omb

Micro Land Figures

Wave 1 Playsets

Layer Cake Desert Playset with Luigi


Wave 2 Mini-Figure Packs 

Fire Luigi / Dry Bones / Boo


Larry Koopa / Penguin Luigi / Red Koopa Troopa

Larry Koopa Penguin Luigi Red Koopa Troopa Micro Land

Wave 2 Playsets

Frosted Glacier Playset with Penguin Luigi


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Nintendo Micro Blind Boxes – Jakks Pacific, the makers of World of Nintendo and Micro Land discussed above, rebranded the mini-figures and called them Nintendo Micro.  These are Blind Boxes which means it is random what you get in each box which might aggravate you if you’re just looking for Luigi.  The good news is that the Luigi is essentially the same as in Micro Land so there is no need to hunt down both unless you’re a true completionist.  Since this is a relatively new release at the time of writing, these should be readily available at retail including Game Stop and Toys R Us.  The price varies for these figures but generally a blind box is $3 or $4.  While I didn’t receive Luigi, if you’re interested in these figures, then check out an unboxing and review I wrote of two Blind Boxes!


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PopCo Mini-Figures – Perhaps in an unfortunate choice of timing, these figures came out before Amiibo hit and inspired a lot of Nintendo fans to collect figures.  These cheap mini-figures were designed to be an impulse purchase for children at a toy store or grocery store.  Since it is hard to find pictures that are not promo shots, I can’t say how high quality these figures are.  Even though they should be sold out of retail stores, they are relatively cheap online because they were either overproduced or not that popular.  There are two versions of Luigi made by PopCo.  One is standard mini-figure and the other is designed to attach to a backpack.

PopCo Luigi Mini-Figure

luigi popco mini-figure crop

PopCo Luigi Backpack Buddy Keychain

luigi popco backpack buddy keychain

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Modern Figures –All of the figures in this category have been released relatively recently or are part of an ongoing figure series where it is possible we could see more figures released in the future.

Amiibo – As always, I’m going to start this guide with Amiibo.  Unlike some of the other Figure Buying Guides I have written, there is a pretty small number of Luigi Amiibo out there.  With only two to choose from, you do have an interesting choice to make.  The Super Smash Brothers Luigi is a bit goofier or more eccentric than the Super Mario one.  Neither of them capture Luigi in a way you might be used to however.  The nice thing is that Luigi Amiibo are common and it should be easy to find for a good price.  At around $13, these should be a great figure for anyone on a budget.  If you’d like to read more about both Amiibo and see which one I recommend, check out: Luigi Amiibo Battle Review here on!

Smash Brothers and Super Mario Luigi Amiibo

Super Smash Brothers Luigi Amiibo

Smash Brothers Luigi Amiibo

Super Mario Luigi Amiibo

Super Mario Luigi Amiibo

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World of Nintendo – Similarly priced to Amiibo (though 2.5 inch figures are a good bit cheaper), World of Nintendo makes for a good budget figure and these are well-suited for kids.  Luigi has seen a number of releases in World of Nintendo and while some are less exciting than others, this is still a great line to dip into and most of the figures should be pretty easy to find online for a good price.  Luigi generally was one of the more common figures in each wave and I would often see Luigi warming the pegs when the other figures had already been sold.  Perhaps the highlight of World of Nintendo is the 8-Bit Luigi which no other figure line has tackled.  Cat Luigi also offers something different for Nintendo fans.  It is worth noting that many of the Luigi figures in World of Nintendo have been released in multiple waves as reprints.  I have only included information for the first release of each figure design.  If you want comprehensive release information including each of the rereleases, please check out the World of Nintendo Release Guide.

World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figures

Series 1-2 Luigi with 1-Up Mushroom


Series 1-4 Fire Luigi with Fire Flower


Series 1-5 Cat Luigi with Cat Bell (Click here to see our review of this figure)

World of Nintendo Cat Luigi Pose 1

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Wave 2-5 “Open Hands” Luigi

Luigi World of Nintendo 4" Figure Box Front Open Hands Super Mario Jakks Pacific

World of Nintendo 2.5″ Inch Figures – Some of these Luigi figures were released in Walmart Exclusive packaging even though the figure is the exact same.  The difference in price between the two releases is generally negligible.

Series 1-1 Ice Luigi (This was reprinted in Series 1-2 as well)


Series 1-3 Luigi (This was reprinted in Series 1-4 as well)

This is the Walmart Exclusive packaging. The figure is the same in the regular release but it has the traditional red packaging with Mario in the top left corner.

Series 1-5 8-Bit Luigi (This was reprinted in Series 1-6 as well)


Series 2-1 Fire Luigi (This was reprinted in Series 2-3 as well)

Image courtesy of

Series 2-2 Cat Luigi


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World of Nintendo Racing Toys – Luigi also appears regularly across the different Mario Kart themed toy lines that Jakks Pacific has released.  Each of the various kart themed toys are covered below.

Coin Racers – Wave 1-1 – Luigi

World of Nintendo Coin Racers Luigi

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Wall Climbers – Wave 1-1 – Luigi

World of Nintendo Wall Climbers Luigi
Image courtesy of

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Shock Racers – Wave 1-1 – Luigi on Kart

World of Nintendo Shock Racers Luigi Kart

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Shock Racers – Wave 1-2 – Luigi on ATV

World of Nintendo Wall Climbers Luigi ATV

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World of Nintendo – Tape Racers – Wave 1-1 – Luigi w/ Luigi’s Mansion track

World of Nintendo Luigi Tape Racers 1-1

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World of Nintendo – Tape Racers – Wave 1-3 – Luigi w/ Rainbow Track

World of Nintendo Luigi Tape Racers 1-3

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Ultra Detail Figures – These figures are technically made in Japan but more recently, US retailers like Game Stop have started stocking them in store.  They are generally available online for a fair price too.  Ultra Detail Figures are basically small statues that often cover obscure or unique designs for Nintendo characters.  While newer releases tend to be very affordable and around the same price as Amiibo which makes them a great option for those on a budget, the figures listed below are a bit higher now than their initial retail price.  At the time of writing, most figures are around $20 online but they are still a great option for anyone who is looking for something a little different for their figure collection.

Original Mario Bros. 1 Figure


Original Mario Bros. 2 Figure


Luigi’s Mansion 2 Figure


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Banpresto – While Banpresto is a Japanese company, their products were commonly stocked in U.S. stories until more recently.  I have to admit, I don’t know a ton about this company and their website is pretty bare-bones but from what I can tell, they focus on Japanese licenses and make affordable figures.  It looks like many of their figures have pretty limited articulation as well.  That is certainly the case with the Luigi they released which is a pretty basic figure and not many posing options.  Despite Banpresto figures no longer being sold in most retail stores, you can still find them online at places like Amazon for reasonable prices.  There seem to be a couple different variations of packaging for the same Luigi figure but do be careful if buying on Ebay because there are a fair amount of fakes from China out there too.

Image courtesy of:

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S.H. Figuarts – This is one of the few big Nintendo figure lines I have never dabbled in but I have certainly considered doing so on many occasions.  In many ways, S.H. Figuarts’ Nintendo figures are what Nintendo fans really want.  A nicely detailed and fully articulated Luigi (and Mario) lets you enjoy posing your figures and creating your favorite moments from the games.  There are also a nice variety of enemy and accessory packs to help fill out your display if you’re interested.  While more expensive than the previously discussed figures, at $30 these are fairly priced and seem to be higher quality than cheaper counterparts like World of Nintendo.  If this line interests you at all, do check out the full Mario line because there are quite a few figure releases out there.

Luigi S.H. Figuarts Figure

Image courtesy of


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Nendoroid – I’ve described Nendoroids quite a few times on this site so if you’d like to learn more than please take a look at What are Nendoroids and Why Collect them?.  Nendoroids are Chibi figures with large heads and small bodies.  In addition to their cute style, Nendoroids have some of the best and greatest variety of accessories in any figure line.  These are made in Japan by Good Smile Company but are commonly imported in the US and are available at a number of US retailers like Amazon.  Luigi was one of the first Nintendo Nendoroids and has had a successful run with many reprints.  I reviewed this Nendoroid quite a long time ago and even after all this time has passed, I still find it to be an excellent figure and I certainly recommend it to any fan of Luigi if you like the cute style.  At $40, this figure is an excellent value and a lot of fun to play with.

Luigi Nendoroid

Luigi Running From Bullet Bill Nendoroid


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Building Toys and Figures –Surprisingly, Luigi is the only Nintendo character to feature in a building toy line that I have written about in these guides thus far.  That made this portion of the guide but a challenge and a lot of fun to write.  We can only hope that Nintendo expands into this realm of toys even more one day.

K’Nex – If you live in the United States and been in a toy store, you probably already know what K’Nex are.  They are a rival to Legos though not nearly as popular.  K’Nex has very different building pieces are not brick-centric.  In many ways, I think K’Nex also offers a completely different building philosophy too.  Their building sets are designed to be played with as much as they are built (Legos can often be the opposite).  Perhaps a bit more affordable than Legos, these certainly are an interesting product line.  In this guide, I’m going to focus on any sets where Luigi appears and maybe highlight some of the other cool K’Nex products that are out there.  Honestly, this site could use a guide just on the K’Nex products for those interested though because I don’t own any, I’m certainly not the best person to write that guide.  I will also share which of these sets are out of print/hard to find at retail and any pricing information I can find.  The building sets and figures are separated by their theme or game release.

Mario Kart Wii

Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set – Retail Price $8


Luigi and Standard Kart Building Set – Retail Price $25


Bowser’s Castle Ultimate Building Set – This is certainly one of the ultimate collector’s items in the Mario K’nex line.  The retail price is steep and it looks like an amazing toy!  Retail Price – $235 (At the time of writing, this set is sold out at most online retailer so act fast if you want it!)

Mario Kart Wii Bowsers Ultimate Castle K'nex


Luigi vs. Fire Cogs Building Set – Retail Price ? – This set seems to be sold out at retail.

Luigi VS Fire Cogs Building Set K'nex

Mario and Luigi Starting Line Building Set – Retail Price ? – This set also appears to be sold out at retail.


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But That’s Not All! – While there are are other sets that do not have Luigi in them, they expand upon existing track themes like Bowser’s Castle or they offer entirely new ones.  If you like Mario Kart and Luigi, this line has a lot to offer and is worth checking out!

Mario Kart Wii Ultimate Combination Building Set K'nex

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Line – There is only one Luigi figure/building set in this line though just like the Mario Kart line, there are four or five other building sets where you can easily add Luigi into them.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Beach Building Set – Retail Price $20

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Luigi Beach Building Set K'nex

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Super Mario Line – This is a very small line that seems to be simple and cheap options for someone starting out with K’Nex or for parents who want to buy their child an affordable toy.

Super Mario Cannon Building Set – Retail Price ? – This set seems to be sold out in most places and is selling online at inflated prices now.

Super Mario Luigi Cannon Building Set K'nex

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K’nex Luigi Figures – In addition to their building sets, K’Nex has been one of the early companies in on the Blind Bag and Box craze.  Since there 8 waves or series of the blind bags, I’m not going to go over every single figure here.  I’ll include a few examples of Luigi and I recommend checking online, especially Ebay to find the Luigi figures you want.  They range in price depending on the figure rarity but if you’re patient, you should be able to find the figures you want, especially opened or used for a fair price.  Here is a sampling of Luigi figures you can find.



Fire Luigi


Ice Luigi


Fox Luigi


Silver Luigi


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High-End and Older Figures – While it is somewhat surprising, there aren’t a ton of expensive Luigi figures out there for Nintendo collectors.  Most of the figures/statues that are expensive happen to be rare or don’t come up for sale all that often.  Regardless, there are some pretty cool figures for Luigi fans to consider if they can afford them!

Luigi’s Mansion Joyride Statue – With Nintendo Power no longer around, any figure that ties into the magazine is sure to be sought after and to make things even better, this is a high quality Luigi’s Mansion figure which is hard to find.  With a price that is all over the map (and plenty of price gouging going on), if you see this figure sealed, expect to pay around $100 for it.  It is a fair bit cheaper if you don’t mind buying used.  While the Joyride statue was originally a very affordable figure, the high price demonstrates how much Luigi fans are willing to pay.  There aren’t many of these out there for sale so it may require some patience in addition to having some money to burn.

luigi's mansion joyride figure crop
Image courtesy of

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Luigi’s Mansion Club Nintendo Statue – This is a very interesting item that is easy to see why it is a premium statue.  Club Nintendo released this statue in limited quantities in the U.S. and it was quite a lot of points to actually redeem.  The problem was the supply was limited so a lot of people (including myself) who really wanted it, never had a chance because they most likely didn’t have enough Club Nintendo points to redeem before this statue disappeared for good.  To make matters worse, this is the best Luigi’s Mansion statue available so the demand has never decreased and people are willing to pay quite a lot of money for what is a small figure.  The price is all over the map for this statue online but it seems likely that you will have to pay between $75 and $100+ depending if you want all of the original packaging or not.

luigi's mansion statue club nintendo
Image courtesy of

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Club Nintendo Super Mario Statue – While the Luigi’s Mansion Club Nintendo Statue is rare and hard to get, this one is much less so.  The Mario Club Nintendo Statue was given out as a Gold reward for earning so many points in a year’s time by buying and registering Nintendo products.  Gold status was not easy to get but it was not too hard if you were a loyal Nintendo fan who bought most of their games that came out each year.  I own this statue and I would say the paint and figure quality is inferior to Amiibo as well.  While it was a very cool free reward, I think the novelty of this item has worn off with time and it was originally quite a hot collector’s item and is less so now.  Opened without packaging, it goes for around $20.  Unopened it can go for $40-60 depending on condition.

club nintendo super mario statue crop
Image courtesy of:

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Luigi Toybiz Mario Kart 64 Figure – This is an interesting item and while the kart looks great, Luigi looks just a little bit short, doesn’t he?  While perhaps on the low end of premium, I included this figure in this part of the guide because I suspect any Mario Kart 64 figure that is top-notch shape could go for quite a bit of money even if most of these figures go for about $60 sealed at the time of writing.  I did not research this figure line extensively but it would appear that Luigi is a bit more expensive or rarer than other Mario Kart 64 figures as well.  Since there is relatively limited Mario Kart merchandise outside of Mario Kart K’Nex, this is certainly worth considering if you’re nostalgic for the Nintendo 64.

Image courtesy of

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Japanese Figures – Usually Japan is the best source for interesting figures of Nintendo characters but for Luigi, it is not quite that case (I’m not including the previously mentioned Nendoroid and S.H. Figuarts releases since they’re commonly available in the U.S.).  As always, Japanese stuff is expensive and once supply starts to run out, it gets even worse.  So make sure you have your wallet ready if you want to delve into these figures!

Luigi’s Mansion 2 Luigi Figure – This is a small three figure series from Japan that includes a high-quality Luigi figure.  In researching this guide, this is the first I had seen or heard about this figure line and it looks very nice in the picture.  The base is a cool color and something a little different too.  Because I don’t know who makes this figure, it is hard to price and hard just to even find on Ebay though there are a fair number of them out there for sale.  Expect prices of at least $40 to get Luigi and it can be much higher depending on which seller you’re viewing.  If you know anything else about these figures, please let us know in the comments so that information can be added to the guide.

luigi's mansion figure japan
Image courtesy of

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Gashapon and Keychains – Also known as capsule toys in other countries, while small and simple, Japan still has the best version of these toys and they are certainly worth collecting if you’re pressed for space or like getting something unique (like Bee Luigi down below).  Because there are so many of these out there, I can’t possibly describe them all in this guide.  The best way to find them is search on Ebay using the term Gashapon.  There are also tons of keychains out there (which can be purchased from similar machines I believe) so that is another alternative to your standard figure if interested.

luigi  New Super Mario Bros gashapon crop

Image courtesy of

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Plush – As with several of the other Figure Buying Guides, I want to mention plush as an option many figure collectors take.  While I don’t own any Nintendo plush they can be quite popular and expensive.  The most expensive stuff tends to come from Japan and once it sells out or supply dwindles, the price goes up dramatically.  Do be careful when buying plush online because there are a lot of fakes from China which do not have any value on the secondary market.  Since there are so many plush releases and this guide is plenty long already, I will leave you with an adorable crying Luigi plush and encourage you to research these in more detail if you’re interested.

luigi's mansion 2 plush
Image courtesy of

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See any Luigi figures I missed?  Have any Luigi figure questions?  Please leave a comment below!  I strive to keep the Figure Buying Guides as up to date as I possibly can and I appreciate any information you can offer to help make this the most complete and useful guide for Luigi figures on the internet.  Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to get some Luigi figures of your own!



  1. Excellent guide! It’s the Year of Luigi all over again! I like the Luigi’s Mansion figurine, and of course the old-design figurines, haha. It’s amazing how many different looks and expressions one Mario character can have throughout so many figures!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! There are more sections to add to this guide and I’m curious to see what other interesting Luigi figures I dig up. I would love to have a Luigi’s Mansion figure one day and I agree that it is impressive how many variations there are on this character. He is more versatile than I gave him credit for.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That is an excellent suggestion, Stephen! At the time I wrote this, I didn’t cover the racers that World of Nintendo has released so I will definitely have to revisit that part of this guide and add them in.


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