Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Packaging Unveiled

While we are no closer to knowing if the Monster Hunter Amiibo will be coming to America, the first pictures of the Amiibo in packaging have surfaced.  Reddit user, Rikipy, recently shared an image of the upcoming Japanese Amiibo release and it is a bit different than what we’re used to.  The plastic is certainly taller than with previous Amiibo to accommodate the larger figure but the cardboard backing is also interesting because it is in a different style than previous Amiibo.  While I have seen some call it busy (and there is certainly a lot going on), I don’t think it looks too bad and the blue definitely pops.  That is always a good thing when placing any new Amiibo on crowded store shelves.  It is hard to know if this figure will come to the US since Nintendo of America has never acknowledged it despite it being a poorly kept secret, but my gut feeling is that it won’t.  Regardless, the Monster Hunter Stores Amiibo should still be available online, especially through Japanese retailers for Monster Hunter fans who want these figures.


Will you be ordering this Amiibo even if it is Japan-only?  What do you think of the new packaging?  Do you like it well enough to keep these Amiibos unopened?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I am an out of box collector so the packaging looks fine to me, but it will end up discarded lol

    These made me cross the line into obsessive collector territory. I have all 6 of them preordered from the Japanese hobby shop Ami Ami… They look so awesome and I fear they may not be coming to NA for a long time, if ever. Somebody help me!

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    • It will be interesting to see if these Amiibo look odd next to regular ones on a shelf but it is not something you will have to worry about it sounds like! 🙂

      That is awesome that you’re going all in. If I were a Monster Hunter fan then I would do the same thing especially since they seem unlikely to come to the US. I hope you’ll show off some pictures and/or thoughts on the few Amiibo on your site when they arrive from Japan! I’m curious to hear what people think of these new Amiibo.

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  2. As a Monster Hunter fan and someone who would pick up Stories if it came to the US, I would definitely get these if they came out here too. I won’t bother importing unless maybe if the game comes here but not the amiibo. It would be a real shame if the amiibo didn’t come here alongside the game though. It looks good!

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    • Thank you for weighing in and I can understand where you’re coming from. Nintendo needs to at least make sure Monster Hunter Stories makes it to the US. I know the Amiibo will sell extremely well in Japan regardless but there is a market for them here too even if it is a bit more limited. Who knows, if Monster Hunter Stories gets some good reviews, even people like myself who have never played Monster Hunter will give it a try.

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