Link Twilight Princess Statue for $20 at GameStop

Rarely do I find great deals on figures but I have a good one share with all of you today.  Gamestop has the Link from Twilight Princess heavily marked down.  This statue used to go for around $60 when it was first released and is currently on sale for $20!  Keep in mind that the sale is online only and I believe you will have to pay shipping for this statue as well.  This is surely the lowest price you will see on this statue.  While not as high quality as other First 4 Figures statues, the Dark Horse ones are still pretty nice and this is obviously an affordable way to build your figure/statue collection.  I have seen this statue in Game Stop and it looks pretty good overall and it is well worth the money.  I think this sale will make a lot of collectors happy so if you’re interested I definitely recommend picking it up!

Zelda Twilight Princess Link Dark Horse Comics Statue

One question this sale raises is GameStop has dabbled into the figure and statue business and are carrying some more premium Nintendo stuff over the last year or two.  From what I have seen, all of these Nintendo statues end up being heavily discounted eventually.  Does this mean GameStop is stocking too many statues and can’t sell them all or that this figure experiment is failing?  It certainly seems that way and my advice for them would be to start making limited edition statues that appeal to collectors.  A quality statue that is limited edition will sell much better and it will retain their value unless the Zelda and Star Fox ones.

What do you think about this statue?  Would you like to see Gamestop stock more statues in the future?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. What a deal! I certainly wouldn’t mind Gamestop getting more statues if they all go on sale like this, haha. I don’t know whether or not Gamestop’s decision to sell statues is good or bad, but given what the store is like, I doubt people go in to buy a $60 figure. I feel like quite a few people I’ve seen there are just there to get cheap, used games or sell back their games.

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    • Prices like these are excellent for all of us haha! I think you make a great point here. Gamestop caters to people who want used games or to preorder stuff before it comes out. If Gamestop had an “Exclusive” version of a game with a statue, that would probably work better there. Many game collectors like Limited Editions and especially if they come with something cool like an exclusive statue so that might be a solution going forward though I don’t really see Nintendo being willing to do that with one retailer. It is interesting to think about regardless!

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