’s Most Wanted: Luigi’s Mansion Series

Luigi’s Mansion on Gamecube was always a favorite video game of mine and it was one of the few games I’ve played that I fell in love with and disagreed with many critics.  It was panned as being too short and too easy when it came out but honestly, it was a ton of fun and as someone who isn’t good at puzzle games, I appreciated the difficulty curve.  It was also a game, while full of comedy does have a darker tone and at the time, I was having a tough time in high school so it was perfectly timed in that regard too.  For me, Luigi’s Mansion 2 was incredible and something I never thought I would see happen.  It is shame that there aren’t more figure options from the Luigi’s Mansion games.  They are not huge sellers for Nintendo but do have a diehard following.  While there are a couple of Luigi figures from Luigi’s Mansion (to find out more check out the Luigi Figure Buying Guide), I’m going to focus on some new ideas that figure companies should make happen!

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon art 2
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Luigi with Vacuum Effect – While I know I said Luigi with his vacuum backpack are well covered in the introduction, there is a particular company who needs to make a Luigi’s Mansion figure and that is Good Smile Company.  They always provide a lot of face plates whether it is Nendoroid or Figma, and with Luigi’s many comical expressions, I think Good Smile are a great fit.  And seriously, how cute would a Nendoroid Luigi’s Mansion figure be?  Not only that, but Luigi could have a flashlight with a plastic effect to make it look like it is on or a sucking effect on the vacuum to make it look like he is capturing a ghost.  These would look awesome in Good Smile’s hands and be the perfect accessories for Luigi and Luigi’s Mansion.

Professor E. Gadd Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Professor E. Gadd – As great as Luigi is, Professor E. Gadd is one of my favorite characters from Nintendo.  From his crazy hair and glasses, to the amusing noises he makes and the way he makes fun of Luigi for being scared, E. Gadd is a great support character.  While he wouldn’t put the word action into action figure or be someone who needs a lot of accessories, a lot of fans would love to see a figure of him.  World of Nintendo or Amiibo could do well with his basic design and color scheme but I would honestly love for anybody to make a figure of this character.  If only we could get a figure that made some of his noises too, then I would really go crazy for that figure!

Polterpup Luigi Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Polterpup – My favorite addition to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the very cute Polterpup.  While the idea of a ghostly dog has been done elsewhere, Nintendo still find a way to design a unique looking character.  Polterpup would be a simple character with limited articulation and could possibly be an accessory to Luigi from a more premium figure maker.  If Polterpup did come with any accessories, a key or some coins would work well and fit with Dark Moon really well.

King Boo Luigi Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

King Boo – While this would not be an articulated figure almost at all, how cool would a giant King Boo from Dark Moon be towering over Luigi in your figure display?  The design of this character is great and it is definitely the most evil looking Boo in any Mario game.  King Boo is a great final boss as well.  While I will be the first to admit that this figure idea is unlikely to ever happen, I do think there is a cool figure idea lurking here, just waiting for someone to bring it to life.

Ghosts Luigi's Mansion Gamecube
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Ghosts – You would think the most common enemies in both Luigi’s Mansion would make for great figures but I think they would actually be really difficult to pull off.  The ghostly/ethereal color schemes they have would be very hard to pull off in figure form for one thing.  Many of the ghosts don’t do anything especially memorable other than scramble once Luigi starts capturing them so that makes these less appealing of figures as well.  I do think having a ghost or two to go with Luigi would be fantastic but these figures are a long shot and would likely not sell well.  The fact that the most common enemy in Luigi’s Mansion would not make a good figure could be a factor in why nobody has really tackled Luigi’s Mansion figures yet too.

luigi's mansion dark moon ghost

Luigi’s Mansion is not the perfect fit for figures and that is surely why we haven’t gotten many figures.  There aren’t a ton of figures that can be made (which is why this article is shorter than my recent one on Super Mario Brothers 3) and designing articulated figures is not easy unfortunately.  Since we’ve only had two Luigi’s Mansion games in roughly X years, it seems likely that we will never get a full line of figures that we deserve.  We can only hope that someone tackles this franchise one day, especially considering how deep into Nintendo franchises World of Nintendo and Amiibo are going.  What figures would you like to see from Luigi’s Mansion?  Let us know in the comments below and if you’d like to submit your own’s Most Wanted list please email me at: to get it published on!




  1. I completely agree with this suggestion. I always wanted an amiibo of Luigi decked out in his poltergust equipment. This is the way Luigi should be to me. The standard Luigi figures were always so boring. And I really like E. Gadd too.

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    • I’m glad to hear it and I agree about Luigi in his poltergust gear! It is the way I prefer the character now. I hope both Nintendo makes more Luigi’s Mansion games and that they give us some Amiibo. That would be awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! The idea of Luigi’s Mansion in HD is really exciting. Honestly, I think it is most likely that we would get Luigi’s Mansion Amiibo more than any other kind of figures but I suppose you never know.

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  2. I love your ideas! I actually think Luigi’s Mansion would be perfect for figures. Luigi’s expressive enough already, and your idea of a working Poltergust accessory is ingenious. Good Smile Company is a great choice. How have they not made something for this yet? Polterpup’s also a cute idea. What a missed opportunity for Halloween. I guess they have time until next Halloween to make it happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I thought I had a pretty good idea here but I’m blown away by the response this article has received. I’m especially glad you mentioned Good Smile because I think that idea is the best one and the most likely to ever happen. Luigi’s Mansion could be a great Halloween release and I agree that Nintendo should consider doing themed holiday releases in the future. Between the two of us, we can help their sales in no time! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can guess why Nintendo doesn’t take too much advantage of holidays, but it’d be cool if they did. Luigi’s Mansion with more Halloween flair would be fun! At least Animal Crossing recognizes holidays, sort of.


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