Star Fox Statue Price Has Been Reduced at Game Stop!

Not too long ago, Gamestop reduced the price on their Twilight Princess statues and now it is Star Fox’s turn.  The Star Fox statue that originally was sold for $80 is down to $30 which is very similar to the price cuts the Zelda statues have received.  If you’d like to take a look or order this statue, visit GameStop for more info.  I have seen a display version of this statue at GameStop and it looks fairly nice.  However, the reviews on GameStop’s site are not quite so kind and there are apparently some damaged statues out there that people bought.  If you can get this item in the store and check it out before you leave, it could definitely be worth the money.  The design of the statue is great and Star Fox has no other statues other than an Arwing from First 4 Figures.  I would probably try and scoop one up if I had some display room for it.  With that said, I wondered before how well GameStop’s foray into the statue and figure business is going and this seems to be further proof that they don’t quite have their business model worked out yet.  Hopefully they can find a system that works for them and for all of us video game figure collectors.

Star Fox Zero Statue Fox McCloud Dark Horse Comics

Do you own this Fox McCloud statue?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?  If you don’t have this statue, would you consider picking it up now that it is down to $30?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Look’s like a nice figure. I don’t really go into Gamestop much anymore, since I do most of my game shopping online, but this might give me cause to stop by. I’ve noticed every time I walk by the one in the local mall that all the figures and other merchandise get more store space upfront than the games. They definitely seem like they might be trying to pivot into something more akin to a gaming focused Hot Topic.

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    • I’m the same way. I’ve never enjoyed shopping there and won’t go to Gamestop unless I really have to. It is interesting to see how much they’ve changed their store around to sell more “collectibles”. There is a lot of competition in that space so they really need something to stand out. Some of these exclusive figures like the Fox statue are a good idea but they don’t seem to be selling really well thus far. It will be interesting to see what happens to Gamestop in the coming years as digital game sales continue to grow. Thanks for reading and commenting on the site! Its always nice to hear your thoughts!


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