Daisy Super Mario Amiibo Review

Since I wanted to review the new characters in the latest Super Mario Amiibo wave first, I put a poll up on Twitter (if you aren’t following me on Twitter, click here to do so!) to see which one Twitter users were most excited about, Daisy surprisingly was the answer.  I have to admit, I don’t especially like Daisy (though I don’t hate her either) but I couldn’t name the last Nintendo game I had played that she was in.  I ended up doing some research for this article just to make sure I have my facts straight!  For those not in the know, she actually comes from Super Mario Land (which is surely one of the weirdest Mario games out there).  Daisy essentially took Peach’s role in that game.  After that, Daisy really only appeared in Nintendo “side games” like the Mario sports games and Mario Party.  Despite this, she clearly has a strong following and with a great color scheme, I am excited to share my review.

daisy amiibo box

Box – The Super Mario Amiibo packaging is still my favorite in all of Amiibo and Daisy looks great overall.  The style is clean and simple but looks fantastic.

Rarity – It is always hard to discuss rarity right at the release because we honestly don’t know how rare some of these Amiibo are (though it is very unlikely any of these will be rare in the long term) and I can only speak to what I saw at the retail places I visited.  Daisy had the most of any of the new Super Mario Amiibo at my local Best Buy.  I think she should not be too rare because of how similar her design is to Peach and Daisy may not be a character everybody wants since she doesn’t appear in many of Nintendo’s biggest games.

daisy amiibo front

Pose – One thing I like about Daisy is the pose captures her “sassy” and some might say, bratty attitude she displays in some Nintendo games.  The pose also makes her standout from the Super Mario Peach which is equally important since they are very similar figures overall.  The only downside is that her large dress makes it so Daisy cannot have much movement but I think Nintendo generally did well here.

daisy amiibo closeup

Paint and Details – Unfortunately, Daisy does not have a ton of details that really standout.  The best parts are her crown which looks solid and her eyes which have excellent decals and are as good as any I’ve seen with Amiibo.  I don’t particularly care for the jewels on Daisy’s dress and gown as they look too flat and simple, especially when you compare them to some of the awesome details other Amiibo have.  The extra layer of ruffles at the bottom of Daisy’s dress do help her stand out from Peach’s dress which is once again nice.  The paint is clean on this figure and even the white parts which should be the hardest to get right are clean and with no errors.  Daisy is completely plain on the back and sides so she is really only interesting to view from the front.  That makes her display options a bit limited compared to other Amiibo.

daisy Amiibo back

Functionality – One thing that is nice about Daisy is her functionality in Mario Party Star Rush.  According to Nintendo, Daisy can be used as a character by scanning the Amiibo and it can also unlock items in some minigames.  Daisy also has functionality in a host of Nintendo games including Captain Toad, Hyrule Warriors, and Chibi-Robo.  Daisy is not usable in Super Smash Brothers however and I suspect that most of her functionality is limited to games where she unlocks a generic item or power-up that any other Amiibo could also unlock.  With time, Daisy will definitely have more functionality but for right now, she is mostly useful in Mario Party Star Rush.

daisy Amiibo with Peach

Closing Thoughts – Daisy is a good Amiibo but a bit on the simple side and she lacks something that really hooks you or makes you have to get her.  Truthfully, this Daisy is a bit too similar to Peach (even if they look great standing next to each other) and it makes Daisy feel a little more skippable as a result.  If you like the Mario princesses, then Daisy will fit right into your collection.  However, if you haven’t played many games she is in or don’t like the character, this figure is not going to change your mind.  I’m happy to have her and enjoyed the “challenge” of reviewing an Amiibo for a character is somewhat obscure to me.  I hope you enjoyed reading and this helps you decide whether Daisy is right for you.  If you have any thoughts about this Amiibo, please let us know in the comments below!



  1. Great review! Daisy was one of my latest amiibo purchases as well, along with newcomers Waluigi, Boo, and classic Wario. I’m excited Daisy has a new amiibo, though it is rather dull especially since hers is very similar to Peach. I also don’t like the way her dress covers the base. I’m still glad that Nintendo has made new amiibo, and that Daisy has finally received one!

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    • I completely agree with everything you said. I was disappointed that Daisy is so similar to Peach in design. That is not uncommon with figures (because it saves money) but Daisy doesn’t appear to be a “repaint” of Peach so I don’t really know why Nintendo chose to make her so similar. Regardless, Daisy still looks pretty good and I’m happy to have her in my collection too! Thanks for reading as always!

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of the Mario Princesses, but I’m too far gone as an Amiibo collector to skip any of them now… lol

    Great review! I can’t wait for my SMB line 2 to arrive from Amazon. I want my glow in the dark Boo so badly!!

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    • Hahaha! You and me both! The only thing I can say is that I don’t like Rosalina all that much and I like the Smash version of her better so I am able to skip her. She is the only one though. I’m going to get the rest including three characters (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Wario) that I already have an Amiibo of. It is hard to shake this Amiibo fever! 🙂

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  3. I seriously want all the Mario Bros figures but being so close to the release of the new Zelda Amiibo in December, I have to get my priorities in order. I ultimately want both sets but I am certain my girlfriend would murder me if I all of a sudden had spent another 100€ or so on amiibo figures.

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    • I feel your pain! I’m buying them slowly so as not to ruin my budget. With another big Amiibo release next month, it almost is unfair that Nintendo is asking so much of us in back-to-back months! I guess we shouldn’t complain because it is nice to at least see new Amiibo coming out.


  4. Daisy too similar to Peach, so what to say about Waluigi who has exactly the same pause as Wario but in the other side. Where I live in every shops which sell Daisy amiibos it was the rarest, it was impressive to see how Daisy amiibo was as a lot of people say the most awaited one. So skipable, when we have a minimum of knowledge of about the Mario universe it’s a bit stupid to say this…

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    • Rosalinafan,

      You make some strong points and thank you sharing information from your country. I live in the United States and I don’t get to travel outside of the country very much so everything on this site is written from an American perspective.

      I have not reviewed Waluigi yet (he will be reviewed later this week) but you’re right that he is very similar to Wario. The Super Mario Peach Amiibo is not one of my favorites because it has few details and Peach doesn’t have a very exciting pose so that is why I was disappointed that Daisy was so similar to her. If you like that version of Peach then you will probably really like the Daisy Amiibo. It is great that we all like different Amiibo and for different reasons and I appreciate you sharing your opinion. Thank you for visiting the site!


      • Sorry if I sounded bit rude but it always makes me a bit angry when I see such things as what I quoted since Daisy stays a relatively popular character but you see, a lot of people read this kind of articles and it can influence their opinion, I don’t know if you see what I mean. I live in France BTW.
        I have Peach’s amiibo and it’s true that she doesn’ have a very original pose but Daisy’s one reflects so greatly her personnality (sassy). The only point in common is that they smile.
        Finally what I want to say is that we can’t skip Daisy if we have a Peach amiibo, simply because they don’t look alike at all, Peach and Daisy are two very different characters (similar dress but what does it proove?).
        I’ll read you Waluigi amiibo article with an extreme attention 😉

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      • Haha, well I hope you enjoy the Waluigi review then! I am not upset if you were a little angry and I appreciate you sharing your opinion respectfully (not calling me names, etc.) too. One thing is that male Nintendo fans (like me) might like male characters better than female characters and that probably true in my review of Daisy. I like Peach and Daisy but they are not some of my favorites characters overall.

        With that said, I agree that Daisy’s pose is in many ways better than Peach and I do think she is a good Amiibo to have. It is a shame that she is hard to get in your country because I still see Daisy in most stores waiting to be purchased.

        It is always nice to hear from people in France. I can speak a little French and visited Paris a few years ago. I loved it there 🙂 Merci beacoup for visiting the site!

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      • I would just like to say that I have not had any trouble finding Daisy in any store that I have been in and I live in Spain. Saying that, Spain is a PS4 dominant country so it might be easier for Nintendo fans to get amiibo. However, that didn’t make a difference in getting the NES Mini on launch day. That mother sold out in less than an 15 minutes in all the stores I visited.

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      • Thank you for sharing your experiences Mike! Why is Nintendo making things so hard on you Europeans!? You guys and gals are just as loyal and dedicated as we are though from what I hear the NES Mini is very hard to get here in the US too. It only seems to be Amiibo that are really easy to get now.

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  5. And this week I had more informations from friends who looked for Daisy amiibo (in France again): nobody could find one! Myself after university I like to go to verify if there are Daisy amiibos in shops (I have Strange hobbies^^’) and it’s true that I did well when on the 4th of November I bought mine… It’s true that I have no proofs but I don’t have any benefit to lie.

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