Diddy Kong Super Mario and Smash Brothers Amiibo Battle Review

When I saw that some Nintendo characters would be returning with the Super Mario Amiibo, I immediately thought that this would be the perfect way to bring back one of my favorite articles on the site, Battle Reviews!  I was also really excited about the new Diddy Kong Amiibo, it really offers something different from the Smash Brothers version and I just like the new design and I like the character going back to Donkey Kong Country.  So that makes this review especially fun for me to write.  If you haven’t read a Battle Review, it is a comparison of two Amiibo of the same character to determine which one is best.  Or in other words, if you could only buy one Diddy Kong Amiibo, which one is the coolest figure?  As always these are just my opinions and I love to hear from other people who have purchased these Amiibo here on the site.

diddy kong super mario amiibo box

diddy kong smash brothers amiibo box

Packaging – I’ve said it many times before but I tend to love the Super Mario Amiibo box art.  The Super Smash Brother packaging for Diddy Kong is also excellent though and red is pretty much my favorite color so that makes this even tougher.  Ultimately, the Smash Bros. Amiibo wins this category because of the bold coloring and the exciting Diddy Kong pose which actually works well for the art on the box.

Winner – Smash Brothers Diddy Kong

Rarity – It is hard to judge the rarity of the new Super Mario Diddy Kong but based on the last few waves of Amiibo, it is pretty safe to assume this will be a common Amiibo.  The Smash Brothers was released quite a long time ago now and it initially looked to be rare.  I remember trying to buy one a day early at Best Buy only being told no and feeling both angry and a bit foolish that I was scrambling so much for a piece of plastic I wanted.  Shortly after that, it become clear that Diddy Kong would be pretty common and to this day it is a pretty easy Amiibo to find.  As a result, this category is a draw.

Result – Draw

diddy kong smash brothers amiibo front

Pose – This is where things get interesting with the two Amiibo.  The Smash Brothers pose is certainly dynamic.  Diddy is running and has two of his hands up.  Why?  I honestly don’t know.  It looks action-packed but the more you look at it, the less sense it makes.  What I do appreciate is the quality of Diddy’s hands and feet with this Amiibo.  They look very realistic and help bring this Amibo to life.  The tail also looks great and can be viewed from any angle which is a nice touch.

diddy kong super mario amiibo front

The Super Mario Amiibo a much cuter pose with Diddy laughing at something while sitting on a barrel.  While it lacks the dynamism of the Smash Brothers Amiibo, it makes up for that in comedic value and expressiveness.  The hands and feel look just as realistic here and help make the Amiibo look great.  Because this Amiibo tells a better story and it is more charming, the Super Mario Diddy Kong takes this category.

Result – Super Mario Diddy Kong

diddy kong smash brothers amiibo top

Details – The Smash Brothers Diddy Kong has two big advantages, one is that there is actual stitching in Diddy’s hat.  It is easy to miss but it is a really nice touch.  Diddy Kong’s fur is also sculpted in a more a detailed and visually interesting way.  The Smash Brother’s Diddy Kong has fur that looks like fur and it is easy to see the texture.  That helps bring the character to life and it is a great touch.  While I could have addressed it as part of the pose because the pose requires a stand, I feel like the color of the stand is the issue and thus it belongs in this category.  The big weakness of this figure is the “pee” stand which was made famous with Link.  Diddy’s stand is hidden better but the yellow color certainly stands out in a very bad way (no pun intended).

diddy kong smash brothers amiibo side

The Super Mario Diddy does not have any glaring weaknesses as far as details go other than the way the plastic fits together on the side of his head.  The Smash Brothers Diddy Kong also has this problem but it is much more noticeable with the Super Mario one.  The main problem the Super Mario Amiibo has is less detail.  With the exception of the barrel which has a nice sculpt, the other parts of Diddy are not as detailed.  So for example, his hat has no stitching and his fur is flatter, less detailed, and less lifelike.  This is too bad because it would make Super Mario Diddy Kong the runaway figure in my mind.  Diddy’s grin and cartoonish expression are really well executed with this figure.  The barrel also serves as an excellent prop which is something we haven’t seen in many Amiibo either.  Ultimately, the Smash Brothers figure has some key features that make it a little stronger in this department and just barely give it the edge.

diddy kong super mario amiibo side

Winner – Smash Brothers Diddy Kong

diddy kong super mario smash brothers amiibo world of nintendo

A New Challenger Enters! – What’s this?  The World of Nintendo Diddy Kong enters the fray?  How does it stack up?  Well, not very well other than the excellent pose that captures the Diddy Kong better than either Amiibo.  The paint is noticeably lower quality color wise and the World of Nintendo Diddy Kong does not have as nice of details particularly on the fur.  If you take the primary pose shown in the picture of the World of Nintendo Diddy Kong and you put with an Amiibo, you’d probably have the best figure possible (in my humble opinion) but as it stands, either Amiibo is the superior option though you would expect that considering the World of Nintendo Diddy Kong is half the retail price!

Winner – Super Smash Brothers Diddy Kong – While I prefer the Super Mario Diddy Kong in many ways, I think the Smash Brothers is the better figure for most Nintendo fans.  The figure quality is a bit higher and it is more or less Diddy Kong as we know and love.  I like the charming and funny nature of the Super Mario Amiibo and that is why I prefer it overall but that is not based on the quality of the figure.  So if you can only get one, most Nintendo fans will probably prefer the Super Smash Brothers figure.  I’ve had my say and this was not an easy article to write since the figures are so evenly matched!  Which Diddy Kong Amiibo do you prefer and why?



    • Thanks Matt! I agree with you on the Super Mario Diddy Kong. The figure doesn’t have as nice of details but I still like it better in spite of that. I have a feeling Nintendo will release more doubles of characters we love in the future which may challenge which Amiibos we like best.

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  1. Loved this comparison review! I got the new amiibo for the characters that previously lacked one, but I was actually interested in the new Diddy Kong. While I didn’t get it, I liked that it was a wholly new pose complete with a barrel. It’s the closest I came to getting a repeat amiibo (though I have to admit that I did get the old Super Mario amiibo and the new Wario). For what it’s worth, the new one looks good, but I’m happy with my old Smash Bros. amiibo! Great job!

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    • Thank you! Diddy Kong is definitely the most unique of the repeated characters with Wario in a close second. I haven’t gotten Wario yet but I plan to make him my next purchase! He is one of my favorite characters and I want a figure of him in his regular outfit.

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  2. I never even noticed the stitching on SSB Diddy’s cap. Thanks for pointing that out! I prefer the new SMB Diddy, He looks so mischievous and a barrel is much better than a pee stick, lol

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    • You’re welcome! And I laughed when writing this review because I thought about our conversation about the pee stand and thought to myself, here we go again! I just can’t stop working it into these reviews! XD

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