Waluigi Super Mario Amiibo Review

Waluigi is one of those characters you probably never thought you’d see an Amiibo made of or at least not in the early days of Amiibo.  Waluigi has always been a side character and in fact, it has been rumored that Nintendo isn’t fond of the character and that it was basically Hudson’s idea when they made Mario Party.  Whatever the case, Waluigi has become a partner in villainy with Wario over time and is someone many people love.  I certainly enjoy his antics in Mario sports games and was excited to get this Amiibo.

waluigi super mario amiibo box

Packaging – As with all reviews, I like to show the packaging off for those who are curious.  The simple and clean Super Mario design works well here and is always nice to see.waluigi super mario amiibo side

Pose – The pose is simple and actually bears a lot of resemblances to a figure that will be mentioned in this review later.  Waluigi’s dastardly nature is clear in this pose and he just looks like he is up to no good.  While I do not have the Wario Amiibo (yet!) Waluigi is made to sit next to Wario on your shelf and perhaps look slightly plain on his own.  The pose isn’t going to blow anyone away and Waluigi could be more dynamic, it does capture the character’s personality which is what I value most in Amiibo.

waluigi super mario amiibo front

Paint and Details – I always feel a bit embarrassed when I pick out a figure that has flaws and I didn’t catch it.  I was in a hurry at my local Meijer and wanted to pick up an Amiibo to review and did not notice that there is a smudge on Waluigi’s nose or even worse, a damaged decal on the hat.  As a serious Nintendo figure collector, I should do better!  And to be honest, so should Nintendo!  These are the kind of mistakes I expect in the cheaper World of Nintendo figures and not Amiibo.

Setting aside the mistakes on my figure (which are probably not on most Waluigi Amiibo), this figure is pretty solid if lacking in details.  There isn’t any one thing on Waluigi outside of maybe the L’s on his gloves and hats that really grab your attention or make you admire this figure.  Waluigi has a plain design and even typically impressive places like the eyes are not overly interesting because they are so small.  This is a bit of a bummer and Waluigi is certainly not a good advertisement for how high quality and display-worthy most Amiibo are.

waluigi amiibo and world-of nintendo

World of Nintendo Waluigi – In World of Nintendo, there is a 2.5″ inch and 4″ inch Waluigi figure.  I own the 2.5″ figure and I’m surprised that I almost like it better.  It is poseable, it has about the same amount of paint issues (even if the Amiibo has nicer and brighter colors) and I think I prefer the larger eyes on the World of Nintendo figure.  While both World of Nintendo Waluigi figures have been out for quite a while, if you’re fan of this character, I would recommend picking up the World of Nintendo figure.

Closing Thoughts – Waluigi is a character I enjoy but it is hard not to find this Amiibo to be a little underwhelming.  It plays it safe and does not feel like it is worth the long wait for Waluigi fans because there is nothing about the Amiibo that is outstanding.  While this is not one of my least favorite Amiibo and fortunately, lacks any glaring weaknesses, it is far from being a favorite as well.  Ultimately, I would recommend buying this if you love Waluigi or Amiibo in general.  Otherwise, try and get the World of Nintendo version which you can enjoy posing and should be able to pay a little less for.



  1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about missing out on small details like the poor paint job on some parts. It’s so exciting in the moment to be buying something new that you’ve been after for a while that it’s hard to be critical. I do that a lot when buying games too. I don’t look at the label well enough and only notice after I’ve bought it that there’s a ding, tear or scratch that I should’ve noticed and tried to negotiate on.

    I think the only game I’ve ever played with Waluigi is Mario Kart 8, and that’s about all I know about him. I’m glad he has a bit of a following!

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    • You describe the rush of finding something new or that you want very well! Game hunting I would think is trickier because you don’t want to show your hand or seem to excited or the seller might raise the price or not want to sell it. At least with Amiibo, there really isn’t a rush in stores to get one and go pay for it so I think that is why I’m being hard on myself 🙂

      Waluigi in in the Mario sports and Mario Party games the most I believe but he is showing up in other games like Mario Kart which is cool to see. He has a lot in common with Wario so depending on how you feel about him, that is probably a good indication of how much you will like Waluigi 🙂

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      • I have absolutely no poker face. It’s my biggest downfall. That, and my politeness and hesitation to hurt anyone’s feelings by sending out a lowball offer from time to time. I get some good deals, but I could likely do better! My boyfriend is the type of guy who will notice a flaw in a product and try to haggle at a regular store like EB Games (or your equivalent where you live), and I just want to hide in a corner when he does that. I don’t know why I feel so embarrassed by it, but I just do! I bought a bad label copy of EarthBound because I was excited and could’ve gotten a perfect label one for the same price at the same swap. I’m still sore about that, so I feel your pain.

        Wario is a weird dude. I know him mostly for his “fart horn” in Mario Kart Wii, so until I see more of both him and Waluigi, I won’t be able to draw any firm conclusions 😛

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      • I can’t keep a poker face either and haggling makes me uncomfortable too. I’ve never even tried it. I dabbled in retro video game hunting briefly about 4 years ago and found that I’m not good at it and don’t have the patience. I also found no interesting games so that was the end of that.

        The best depiction of Wario is the 2D platforming games. That is where he is at his funniest and most clever. In some games, they make Wario like this crude, angry guy like in Mario Kart Wii (which he kind of is) but that side of the character is not as likable as the devious, scheming, and lazy character with wacky power-ups.. That is just my opinion though 🙂

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      • Yeah, retro game hunting isn’t for everyone, and in some places, it’s not very fruitful. In many places in my province, thrift store workers just take home all the games that come in and they never see the shelves of the store. I’m grateful that there are some regulations in my particular location that prohibit that kind of pocketing.

        I will have to see if I can track down some 2D platformers that feature Wario! I feel like I’ve missed out somehow and now need to quell my curiosity. The ones that come to mind are the Game Boy games. Do you have any other recommendations?


  2. Sorry to hear about the paint job on the hat and nose. To be fair, it is Waluigi so we can chalk that up to boogers and bad hygiene. 😉 Overall, I like this figure because I’ve never had a Waluigi figure until now. You’re right that it is a bit underwhelming compared to what we’ve gotten before, but I suppose it’s better than having a poor pose. This amiibo is very much Waluigi to me! Great review again!

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    • Yeah, it is my own fault on Waluigi bad paint so I can’t complain and if nothing else, he played a joke on me this time! Waluigi is a figure that it is hard to believe exists and if Nintendo dislikes the character as much as they’ve let on, it was very cool of them to make a figure of him for Waluigi’s fans.

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