World of Nintendo 8-Bit 5 Pack Spotted!

It has long been rumored and thanks to kitty-kat4 on the World of Nintendo Reddit, it is now confirmed!  Gamestop is selling an exclusive World of Nintendo 2.5″ Inch figure five-pack of 8-Bit characters.  Classic and Modern Mario, Luigi, Link, and Donkey Kong are all included for the price of $20.  These figures were all retailer exclusives when they first came out (Walgreens and Walmart) so this is doubly surprising.  $20 is a steal considering each these figures retailed for $5-6 a piece in retail if you were lucky enough to find them.  I ended up paying $9 just to get Donkey Kong off Ebay (you can check out my review of it here!).  The other part that is nice is that these figures are now getting harder and harder to find.  Modern Mario in particular was going well over $10 and is now available for a low price once again.  While you may want to start hunting down these figures at your local Gamestop(s), if you don’t mind paying for shipping, you can order this new pack on Gamestop’s website right now!

Image courtesy of: Nintendocollector14 on

world of nintendo 8-bit set

World of Nintendo collectors, how do you feel about the news of this figure re-release?  Is this pack too good of a deal considering how much these were a couple of months ago?  Let us know in the comments below!  Since I only have Donkey Kong, I’m certainly considering picking up this set if I can find it at a local Game Stop.  The 5-pack definitely levels the playing field for those who did not hunt at Walmart and/or Walgreens when these figures were exclusives there but I would be upset if I paid over retail for these, only to see them be re-released for such a low price too.



    • Hi Greg,

      I assume your comment is directed towards me. While I’m not new to toy collecting, World of Nintendo and Amiibo seem to play by their own rules and if those rules are different than how other toy lines are then I am probably less familiar with the rules of toy collecting. I definitely agree that you just never know about toy availability and if you see something you want, you better get it or you may regret it later on!


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