Donkey Kong Amiibo Battle Review

It is hard to believe that more new Amiibo are coming out later this week because I haven’t even had a chance to finish reviewing the Super Mario ones!  After a long Amiibo drought, it would be crazy to complain though.  We’re taking a look at the King of Swing, Donkey Kong today.  While he is not quite as different as the two Diddy Kong Amiibo are, each Donkey Kong Amiibo offers something unique.  So let’s jump in and see which DK Amiibo is the best!

smash brothers and super mario donkey kong amiibo box

Pose – One of the biggest differences with these two Amiibo is the pose.  Both represent the character well but they are still different from each other too.  The Smash Brothers Donkey Kong shows DK mid-jump in a dynamic pose.  With his arms out, he looks like he is itching for a fight.  While this doesn’t represent the character at an iconic moment (especially since it doesn’t quite match DK’s appearance in Donkey Kong Country), it does look good overall and the stand is not too noticeable either.  The only weakness is that DK is looking down more than at you as the viewer which makes this Amiibo best viewed at eye-level and hard to display effectively.

smash brothers and super mario donkey kong amiibo

The Super Mario Donkey Kong shows DK pounding his chest and show whoever is challenging him who is boss.  This fits him as an “alpha male” character and fits nicely with the recent Donkey Kong Country Returns games.  If you’re a fan of these games then you will really like this pose and probably prefer this Amiibo.  You could honestly choose either Amiibo because they both are strong but I think I give the edge the Smash Brothers DK because of the dynamism.

Winner – Super Smash Brothers Donkey Kong

smash brothers donkey kong amiibo side

Details – This is another close category with both figures having strengths and weaknesses.  The Smash Brothers DK has a nice floating tie and his eyes look good (more on this in a bit).  While these are both big advantages, it also has a bad mold line on the sides of his face.  The tan “skin” tones of the Smash Donkey Kong do not look as nice as the Super Mario Amiibo either.

super mario donkey kong amiibo side

Super Mario has a nicer skin tone that captures DK as we’re used to seeing and while the tie is not as interesting visually, the paint is well-done.  What really stands out on this Amiibo is that his pupils are too small which makes DK look a little “crazy eyed” for lack of a better way to put it.  When you consider the lack of mold lines and the superior skin tones, the Super Mario Donkey Kong, while not perfect, is the winner in this category.

Winner – Super Mario Donkey Kong

donkey kong amiibo fur

Fur – Your opinion of these two Amiibo probably falls into two categories.  How do you feel about the pose and how do feel about the fur?  For me, there is a clear winner in this category.  The Super Smash Brothers DK has much better fur texture that is easy to see and has nice detail.  The Super Mario Amiibo has much more simplified and flatter textures which are hard to notice, especially from far away.  One of the things that makes Amiibo great are the little extra details for an affordable price and for me anyway, that gives the Super Smash Brothers Amiibo the edge.

Winner – Super Smash Brothers Donkey Kong

Closing Thoughts – As with some of the previous Amiibo I have reviewed, there are advantages to both of these figures and one is not just completely outclassing the other.  I am happy to have both and I like both Amiibo for very different reasons.  The Smash Brothers DK is not easy to find for many people but if you like the pose and the fur as I do, I definitely recommend hunting it down.  If that is not possible or it has become to expensive then I think the Super Mario DK will also look great on your shelf.  Do you own either of these Amiibo?  Which one do you like best and why?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Loved this battle! Coming into this, I was so prepared to talk about how much I love the fur of the Smash Bros. version, and you devoted an entire paragraph to it, which is plain awesome! I think the new one has a better pose though since it doesn’t need the stand, but it was one of the ones I did not get from the new set. Still looks great, and in a perfect world, I would get every amiibo that ever came out, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those truly are kind words and when I wrote the article, I thought, I’m going in to too much detail here. I think I even cut down on a few parts to keep it more manageable lengthwise! This is one of the few battle reviews where I really think either Amiibo could have won and I love both. Nintendo may have made us wait a long time for the Super Mario (and even the Kirby ones before that) but the quality has been amazing on these!

      Liked by 1 person

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