Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself this holiday season or someone close to you, is here to help you find an awesome Nintendo figure to give as a gift this holiday season!  This guide will focus on Nintendo franchises with major releases in the last few months and I will recommend figures and link you to a review on the site whenever possible so you can learn more.  I hope this helps you in your holiday shopping so that we can all have a very Nintendo Christmas!

super mario nintendo christmas happy holidays

For the Mario fan on your list – Despite the recent Super Mario Amiibo release, none of the Amiibo feature Mario or Luigi. Instead, most of the characters in this wave come from Mario “side games” like Mario Party or the Mario sports games.  The quality on these figures is pretty high and at $13-14, you can’t go wrong with Amiibo.  If you are a fan of Wario, Waluigi, Daisy or Boo, check out our recent reviews to learn more!

wario and Waluigi super mario amiibo

boo amiibo dark

daisy amiibo closeup

World of Nintendo has a couple of exciting releases for Mario fans (including some yours truly wants as a Christmas present!).  While we have reviewed Cat Mario and really like the figure’s flexibility and display options, Star-Powered Mario, Green Shell Koopa (which has a lot in common with Red Shelled Koopa which has been reviewed favorably), and Red Toad are all new releases you may be able to find this holiday season.  World of Nintendo tend to be harder to find at retail but with a relatively low cost, they make a great economic gift!

world of nintendo toad

star power mario world of nintendo

For the Zelda fan on your list – At the time of writing, we are on the eve of new Zelda Amiibo being released.  Any long-time Zelda fan would love to see a figure from their favorite Zelda game including Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask, or the original Legend of Zelda!


If that isn’t enough, World of Nintendo has a number of Zelda recent offerings that could be worth hunting down.  Recent releases include Skull Kid, Princess Zelda, and Goron Tunic Link (from Ocarina of Time).

skull kid world of nintendo pose-1

world of nintendo princess zelda

For the Kirby fan on your list – Kirby has had a great six months or so.  While generally Kirby does not see a lot of figure releases, there have been a number of high quality ones lately.  With new Amiibo released by Nintendo and a Nendoroid, it has never been easier to find great Kirby figures.  While Kirby has not been reviewed on the site, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede all have.  They are solid Amiibo, especially Meta Knight and a great gift option for those looking to buy a figure on a budget.

Meta Knight and Waddle Kirby Amiibo


If you’re looking splurge a little, the Kirby Nendoroid is one of the best Nintendo Nendoroids and worth the money.  The magnetic flexibility of the figure and all the accessories are sure to delight any Kirby fan.  You can display the Nendoroid as regular Kirby, Sword Kirby, or Flame Kirby which makes this figure an excellent value!


For the Fire Emblem Fan on your list – Fire Emblem has enjoyed a real resurgence and is more popular in the United States than it has ever been.  So if you have any Fire Emblem fans on your list and a decent chunk of change, you are in luck!  There are two high-quality figure options from Good Smile Company.  The Lucina Figma figure offers great detail and excellent pose-ability.  Getting her mask as an optional accessory is also a really nice touch.  Of course, Figma are not cheap and this figure goes for around $60 on Amazon.  Alternatively, it is a little cheaper and cuter, but if you know any Marth fans, then they will be delighted with the Nendoroid which features some excellent details and plenty of details for around $45.

lucina figma

marth nendoroid

While there are tons (hundreds, if not thousands) of Nintendo figures you could potentially get or give as a gift this holiday season, I just wanted to highlight some great options for those needing inspiration.

I will be purchasing the new Zelda Amiibo and hope to track down some World of Nintendo figures as well this holiday season.  What figures are you hoping to get this holiday season and why?  Will you be buying them for yourself (either before or after Christmas is fine!) or are they on your list that you gave to Santa?  Let us know in the comments below!



    • Thank you! I buy all my figures for myself since my family has no idea which ones to get me so I will probably only get video games and movies for gifts this year but that’s okay. I hope Santa treats you well too 🙂

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