Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Amiibo Review

Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time and when Nintendo decided to celebrate Zelda’s anniversary with an Amiibo release, many Nintendo fans were excited to see an Ocarina of Time Link come out.  I’m happy to bring this review to you and we’ll do a quick comparison of the Smash Brothers Link Amiibo as well.  There’s lots to discuss so let’s jump into the review!

link ocarina of time amiibo box

Box – I was pretty hard on the Twilight Princess Wolf Link Amiibo art and this box has a relatively similar design but where I think this box improves is the artwork of Link in the background.  Not only is it a well-drawn image but it blends in with everything really well too.  This packaging is a real celebration of Zelda and Nintendo did a good job with it.

link ocarina of time amiibo base

Base – While we have seen this base before with the Twilight Princess Wolf Link Amiibo, it looks great here as well.  Much like the box, it is a celebration of iconic Zelda images and I think the gold and brown base is one of the best Nintendo has designed thus far.

link ocarina of time amiibo front

Pose – When Ocarina of Time was released, replica ocarinas were released and it really was a symbol of the game.  It is nice to see Nintendo bring ocarina back for this Amiibo and while the figure is simple “scene” of Link playing an ocarina, it brings back a lot of nostalgia too.  There’s little action here but if you’re a fan of the game then this is sure to bring back memories of playing Epona’s Song among many others.

link ocarina of time amiibo side

Details – There are a few nice details on this Amiibo as well.  My favorite are the eyes.  The decals are well-applied and Link actually looks like he is playing the Ocarina.  It would have been so easy for Link to be staring off into space and ruin this figure but Nintendo did not allow that to happen here.  The shield also looks excellent as you would expect and has some nice details and metallic paint.  The sword could have used some of the same paint because does not look as good as it could have.  As you can see in the picture above, there is one place where the paint spread into an area where it shouldn’t have been but otherwise, the Amiibo I purchased looks great.

link ocarina of time amiibo back

Comparison to Smash Brothers Amiibo – The big question you might be asking is: what separates this new Amiibo to the Smash Brothers one?  While there are some similarities in the design, the new 30th Anniversary is far superior in my opinion.  The pose of the Smash Brothers Link has some issues.  Link’s face is hard to see and it is hard to know what Link is actually doing at this particular moment.  Is he jumping or defending or something else?  While it somehow seems to work its way into every Amiibo review I write, the “pee stand” obviously has to be mentioned as a weakness of this figure too.  The Ocarina of Time Link also has better proportions.  The shield looks too small on the Smash Link to my eyes though I am sure that it was chosen to match the art in Smash Brothers.  One strength the Smash Link does have is better details, especially with Link’s outfit, pouches, and sword but that is one of the few advantages I see besides a more dynamic pose.  I definitely recommend the Ocarina of Time Link even if you have the Smash Brothers one.

link ocarina of time-amiibo comparison

Closing Thoughts – Nintendo has released their best Link Amiibo to date here.  While you may want Link to be in a more-action oriented pose or to have a bit more detail, these are small complaints because this figure captures Ocarina of Time perfectly.  If you like the classic Nintendo 64 game and that design of Link, I highly recommend picking up this Amiibo.  It is an excellent one and sure to satisfy any fans.



  1. An excellent review! I couldn’t say it better myself even though I did try in my latest video with all the newest Zelda amiibo. I do by far prefer the ocarina of time link compared to Smash Link because it by far more superior in quality and attention to detail. A great read as always Kuribo!

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      • You’re welcome and I always appreciate your feedback, I can’t review amiibo quite like you can, especially not with a horrible cold. You should do video reviews, I am sure you are more able than I am 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re too kind as always! I am getting over some kind of cold I’ve had for about a week now so I can certainly relate. While I’ve thought about doing video content as part of the site, I think I could only do one or the other. I enjoy writing too much to switch to video right now 🙂

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  2. I know I want them all, but I REALLY want this one! OoT is my favourite game of all time, and Link’s Ocarina pose is so iconic. Also, points for no pee stand lol

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    • I hope you’re able to get this Amiibo. It is excellent and if your favorite game is OoT like me then you will love it! I’m glad you noticed that reference. I had to work in a mention of the pee stand somehow haha

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    • I would have to agree Matt. If I had to display one Link Amiibo, I would definitely choose this new Ocarina of Time one. It looks a lot better and shows Link as we know and love him!

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  3. I just had to get this amiibo while I was in Japan. Well, this along with the other 30th Anniversary Zelda amiibo. You’re correct in that this is actually superior to pee stand Smash Bros. Link, but then again, we are talking about pee stand odd-faced Link… I’m glad they used the classic OoT Link, and I couldn’t be happier with this one. Excellent review covering what makes this amiibo superior to other Link amiibo! Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you picked it up and it sounds like we’re in agreement that Nintendo really captured what makes Link and Ocarina of Time special in this figure which is what all Zelda fans want. I hope we’ll see more awesome figures like this in the future!

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