Peppy World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

If you’re a World of Nintendo fan then you’ve probably been anxiously awaiting the release of the last member of the Star Fox team like I have.  I had some trouble finding Peppy in my area and was surprised when I braved a store I hate (WalMart) to see him sitting on the shelves in good supply and a cheap price.  Since the day Fox came out, I wanted to assemble the whole Star Fox team and with Peppy in my possession, that goal is finally completed.  Is Peppy worth the wait?  Let’s do a barrel roll and find out!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)!

peppy world of nintendo box front

Box – Since there isn’t anything new with Peppy’s packaging, I just want to show pictures of the box and the other new figures in this wave and move on to reviewing the figure.  I have yet to see Star Power Mario but I am definitely on the hunt for it and hope to review it in the near future.

peppy world of nintendo box back

Articulation – None of the Star Fox World of Nintendo figures have had amazing articulation thus far and Peppy is about average for World of Nintendo.  His feet and arms are pretty decent and offer some flexibility.  I was surprisingly able to pull of a nice running pose which only some World of Nintendo figures can match.  It was also nice to see open hands instead of fists here.  They are just a little more expressive and useful.  Peppy’s head does not have amazing articulation because of his jacket collar and his waist also has limited usefulness because the more you turn it, the less natural it looks.  The best part of this figure is that it is not as loose as Fox was and feels solid in your hand as you pose it.  I had a good time messing with this figure which is what any action figure should do.

peppy world of nintendo pose 1

Details – Like previous Star Fox figures, there aren’t a ton of amazing details on these figures because of their simple design.  The boots have some nicely sculpted detail and Peppy’s face looks accurate even if it lacks the cool details of Falco or Fox.  The only issue I noticed with this figure is that the seam between the plastic on the top of Peppy’s head is very noticeable in some places.  This makes the figure look a little less nice and more like a child’s toy which is obviously not what collectors want.  Overall, this is a simple figure and not one of the most impressive from World of Nintendo but with minimal paint issues, it looks great alongside other Star Fox figures.

peppy world of nintendo pose 2

Accessory – Thus far, the Star Fox accessories have been pretty cool.  From Arwings to the bomb power-up, I have no complaints.  We do get a new accessory and it is the supply box that R.O.B. gives the team on some missions.  I think this was a cool idea though the execution could have been slightly stronger.  It is basically a molded box with stickers on it and for some reason, the supply box looks a little cheap and like a toy instead of the real thing.  When you compare that to say the Cat’s Bell from Cat Mario and Cat Luigi, it is easy to tell which one is inferior.  I don’t know how exactly Jakks could fix this without making the figure more expensive but it would have been nice if they could.  What I do like about this figure is that it is very easy to use with your existing Star Fox figures so it is certainly useful in displays and is a nice way to fill out your Star Fox collection.

peppy world of nintendo accessory

peppy falco slippy fox mccloud world of nintendo star fox team
Another day at the Star Fox office…

Closing Thoughts – For me, the picture above is what the Star Fox figures are all about.  They are really neat to pose and display together and even with the decent but not amazing articulation and paint jobs, these figures really bring Star Fox (and for me, Star Fox 64) to life.  I will definitely have these figures on display in the future and really enjoy having all four.  I don’t know how easy it is to hunt down all four of these figures now since the early releases like Fox and Falco are not easy to find at retail but if you’re a Star Fox fan then it is definitely worth the effort.  It has been really rewarding collecting these and Jakks Pacific deserves credit for releasing figures like these which nobody else has been brave enough to tackle.





  1. These figures look awesome! Its a shame that Nintendo missed an opportunity to do a slippy and peppy amiibo to launch Alongside StarFox Zero for the Wii U. I am sure collectors and fans of the series would have collected them regardless of their function in game.

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    • It is funny you say that because I was thinking the same thing and just said that to Ellen. I guess we Nintendo fans think alike! I know Star Fox Zero was not a huge hit for Nintendo but I do think Amiibo of Peppy and Slippy would have sold extremely well and helped boosted profits from Zero. Hopefully, both Star Fox and Star Fox Amiibo get more support from Nintendo in the future!

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  2. Nice review! The figure looks good! I can resonate with wanting to get all of them just to put them in a scene together. I like that idea especially since there’s no Peppy or Slippy amiibo… (yet).


    • That is a very good question Michael. I think it is possible since characters like Tingle have gotten figures already and now that all four Star Fox character have gotten a figure, that makes it even more likely so we can certainly keep our fingers crossed! 🙂


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